Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce™ Lori J. HighbyPresident and Owner of Keystone Click

"Meet the Class of 2014 Who's Who Women in Ecommerce™ Lori J. Highby - President and Owner of Keystone Click"If you build it, they will not come…unless they know about it”, a phrase often stated by Lori J. Highby in regards to any business building a website.

Lori is the President and Owner of Keystone Click, a digital marketing agency that designs, develops, and drives traffic to ecommerce websites by means of digital marketing.

Lori chose a career in e-commerce and digital marketing because she is passionate about educating and helping others succeed online. Lori and the Keystone Click team focus on staying up to date so that they will be able to educate their clients as well as the community on the powerful tools available online. The only constant in the technology and marketing industry is change and Lori thrives on the fact that she is learning something new every day. She always takes her new knowledge back to her team and her clients. As a result of her dedication to the success of her clients, her business, and the community, Lori was a 2013 Bravo! Entrepreneur Award winner.

E-commerce is quickly being adopted as the new norm for conducting business and Lori has big plans to capitalize on that. She is motivated to make Keystone Click the “go-to” for Drupal e-commerce development.

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