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When Liz Strauss was in 5th grade, the 1st grade teacher invited Liz to become her teaching assistant and tutor. She’s been teaching ever since. When Liz presented her honors thesis at Bradley University the Dean of the School of Education Introduced her by saying, “I’ve met five Master Teachers in my life, and Liz is one of them.”

Liz went from the classroom to subcontracting development work for educational publishers. Then she took a job with a publisher In a few years she hired to turn around a failing publisher, which led an international educational publishing career. When Liz struck out on her own, publishing a business blog ignited Liz’s new career. She built a community on the ethic that everyone likes to learn but no one likes to “be taught.” In a few months, one blog post evolved into a ground-breaking business strategy summit that leads entrepreneurs and team leaders how to use the Shared Genius of collaboration at the speed and reach of the Internet. Today, Liz works as a Business Strategist, Executive Coach, and Teacher/Guide/Curator of that ground-breaking event where it was said, “Liz Strauss speaks softly but carries a lot of street cred.” Visit her blog

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