Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce Kim Bloomer, C.V.N.D, N.D. President of Aspenbloom

As a child Dr. Kim was challenged with her own health and as an eight year old she remembers thinking her dream was to help people and animals (as a lifelong animal lover) to be well, to thrive. After years working as a veterinary technician seeing the health of animals decline rather than improve, she detoured into other areas of work that ultimately helped enhance the work she now does as an animal naturopath. When asked what an animal naturopath is or does, Dr. Kim simply replies, “Animal naturopaths promote health proactively rather than treat disease reactively.”

Dr. Kim says it is time for us to get back to nature and look for our answers there. To honor each animal species as they are, not as we desire to them to be for our needs, recreation and conveniences. For the mental, emotional and physical well being of our pets for their sakes as much as, if not more than, for ours. Healthcare is not waiting until an illness presents and then treating it with toxins masquerading as medicine, but it is preventing illness in the first place through lifestyle choices!! Dr. Kim teaches chemical-free living for pets which ultimately must help their humans do the same. Her website is

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