Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce Jami Lin, Creator – Sharing Transformations

Inspiring women (and men) to evolve their Inner Balance and Outer Beauty is Jami Lin’s universal quest and passion. With her interior-architecture BA and heART, she mastered Feng Shui and creates nurturing environments worldwide.

Jami’s fascination with how color accelerates and enriches mental, physical, and spiritual consciousness, her award-awarding book, ColorAlchemy gained international acclaim.

Encouraged by her reflection (and recognizing the inevitability and gift of aging), Jami got her cosmetology license. Extensive research into age-reversing science lead to Jami educating other professionals at international skincare conferences. Jami now shares Youth Serums with others because she is so impressed that most people see results within first, fine-minute application and at 58 looks pretty gooooood.

Jami Lin created and related websites so Feng Shui/Interior Design, ColorAlchemy, and Age-Defying Outer Beauty deepens everyone’s Inner Balance. Find out more at



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