Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce™ Isabelle FeyfantBreak Free Live Complete

Isabelle is a Life Transformation Coach and a Business Coach.  She works essentially with business women awaken their business super powers:“Looking inward instead of looking outward”. Isabelle believes that success comes when her clients have a deep knowledge of who they are and feel comfortable with it. “You have to discover the beautiful you, you were meant to be and let the light shine in you. You have to feel at home with yourself in order to become a success in your business and in your life.” says Isabelle.

She believes that everyone is uniquely design and have extraordinary talents and gifts that are hidden inside of them. She sees the potential in her clients that they cannot see themselves. Her mission is to help one woman at a time realizing that they are unique and beautiful individual who deserve to tap into their authentic self in order to play big in their personal life and in their business. 

She is 100% devoted to her clients’ successes. She has all the expertise and life experience to help them face their challenges and embrace their fear.

Isabelle has a background in psychology, fashion design from Paris, interior design and got her coaching training at the amazing school “ Coachville”.

She also runs retreat in the beautiful Provence, France, as she calls it “an heaven for the senses, a paradise for the soul”. Visit her website


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