Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce™ Gillian Hood MS, Owner of Healthier Outcomes

"Meet 2014 Who's Who in Ecommerce, Gillian Hood - Healthier Outcomes"

ACSM Certified Health Fitness Specialist, Wellcoach® Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Founder & Owner, Healthier Outcomes

Gillian personally faced and successfully overcame her own lifelong battle with binging and emotional overeating, which inspired her to become the powerful and effective wellness coach she is today. Gillian understands that simply “eating right and exercising” is not the solution to overcoming the barriers to having a peaceful relationship with food or your body, or losing and maintaining weight.

During her past years as a fitness professional, Gillian experienced many of the same struggles her clients and millions of women experience, including yo-yo dieting, poor body image, and lack of exercise motivation, as well as increased weight gain from each successive diet and putting life and dreams on hold until reaching the elusive “ideal weight.”

Gillian discovered powerful keys to break the cycle of “living to eat”, and created a positive “eat to live” method, so she could still enjoy her favorite foods anytime she likes while naturally maintaining her health and her weight.

Gillian gets life changing results with her clients and brings to each one of them unique and rare perspective on not only what it is like to be trapped in “diet prison”, but more importantly, what it takes to break free of the diet mentality and get off the emotional eating roller coaster.

Because of the demand for her powerful work, Gillian transitioned from fitness coaching to focusing on women who have reached diet bottom and want to free themselves from the obsession and shame spiral that goes with the endless dieting and overeating cycle.

She relaunched her coaching practice as Healthier Outcomes and has since dedicated her life to educating, guiding and helping women transform their relationship with food and their bodies, living their lives now, and overcoming the mindset that causes weight gain so they can lose the weight and maintain it for a lifetime. She is a pioneer and an advocate for her message that every woman can have a positive and successful relationship with eating and her weight – she just has to be willing to make herself a priority and ask for the support she needs and deserves. Her website: Healthier Outcomes

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