Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce Gail Romero, Co-Founder – Collective Changes

"Meet the Class of 2014 Who's Who Women in Ecommerce™ Gail Romero, Co-Founder - Collective Changes"Gail Romero is the co-founder and CEO for Collective Changes, a global women’s virtual mentoring and leadership program that matches business mentors with women entrepreneurs and small- to medium-sized business owners in emerging markets.

She co-founded this organization based on the tragic facts that 104 million women in 59 global economies started businesses in 2010. Due to women’s lack of mentors, supportive networks, business skills and access to credit, roughly 90 percent of these businesswomen failed. This generated a reduction in gross domestic product, a decrease in household income and an escalation in gender-based violence. Statistically, when successful, women entrepreneurs can make monumental economic impacts. She envisioned the concept of using current technology, software, ideas and available curricula and leveraging those resources to impact millions versus the thousands that might have been helped through other various programs.

With a passion to advance women’s leadership worldwide, she vowed to make a difference. She frequently writes and speaks on social justice, gender economics, women’s equity and leadership positioning and the need for just-in-time business education. Find Gail online at

In fall 2014, Collective Changes will launch the first of potentially 500,000 post office based business hubs in South Africa to help women entrepreneurs build thriving companies by providing them access to connectivity, curricula, technology, networks, volunteer business leaders and mentors. The organization’s goal is to help 1 million women worldwide move into an economically stable and dynamic business world that is fully inclusive of gender equity and vigorous social enterprise.


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