Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce™ Da’Nielle Veasey UBME Business Consulting & Marketing Firm

Many new businesses and even those with years under their belt find it difficult to define their brand. In 2007 Founder and CEO Da’Nielle Veasey created the ultimate brand solution for these small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Veasey originally pursued a music career but exchanged the stage for a business suit and put to use her Business degree and Associate’s in Marketing to launch UBME Business Consulting and Marketing Firm. Described as being a ‘people person’ Veasey enjoys seeing others succeed and look good while doing it.

Over the last 7 years, Veasey’s firm has proven to be versatile, able to adapt services to various corporate and entertainment environments. Under her leadership, UBME has earned the reputation of being business savvy and dependable. Based on the belief that customers’ needs are of the highest importance, UBME specializes in “keeping your business in the spotlight” with all the resources and innovations of larger firms but designed to fit any budget. Her primary goal for the growing firm is to be the most sought after company that aligns business, products and services with an emphasis on company branding. Veasey’s personal goal is to publish her first book of ‘power thoughts’- a motivational journal aimed to inspire everyone. Website:

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