Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce Carol Deckert Founder of Contacts to Connections & BizLink

In March, 1993, Carol received the biggest disappointment in her life, the company she was employed by filed bankruptcy and went out of business.  The Unemployment Office told her to find another career as she would not be able to earn enough that matched her talents!  Upon discussion with her husband, Larry, who encouraged her to take that advice and do something different, she did.  Carol started a Virtual Assistant Business in her home (while her hubby put himself on the OT list to make up for her lost income).  ASAP Business Services was born.

Another roadblock entered the picture.  Carol developed some heart problems and had to close the business in 2000.  Not one to stay “down”as she recuperated, she developed a new business and opened her doors once again in 2004 as a Networking Coach.  Operating a face-to-face networking organization plus individual and group coaching on building strong business relationships is something she excels in and is having great success with.  In 2012, Carol also become the National Director, BizLink, operating face-to-face groups throughout the state of PA and training directors in other states to do the same. Her Website is:

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