Meet the Class of 2014 Who’s Who Women in Ecommerce™ Barb WadeBarb Wade Coaching

If you think you can’t make great money and live life on your terms, Business Coach & Mentor Barb Wade would like you to “think again.” Barb specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to make more money more easily while enjoying a business and lifestyle that reflects their true priorities.

But Barb knows that too many self-employed professionals are working themselves to death in order to achieve the business success that’s going to allow them a wonderful life. That’s why she is dedicated to training her clients in the fastest and most strategic client attraction methods so they can Be Wealthy, Live Fully, and Don’t Have To Settle.

Barb is the creator of Turning Conversations Into Clients, The 6-Figure Entrepreneur Academy, and The Get To Yes Formula Training, among other programs. She lives in Northern Colorado with her husband Tim and 2 spirited daughters. Website:

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