"Make your parties healthy"

Parties are great way to have fun with your friends and family, but they always seem to end up with bunch of people drinking, listening to loud music, and eating junk food. This could also be a reason why people who decide to change their lifestyle are avoiding parties as well. People are looking for a way to avoid junk food and alcohol, things which seem to be the heart of any party. Wouldn’t it be great if you could throw a party which would not only be fun but super-healthy at the same time?


This is the thing you should start from, because most parties are based on chips, chocolate bars, and popcorns which are way too salty to be eaten without a can of soda in other hand. For your party, think of healthier alternatives to sweets, chips, and pretzels. Make rainbow fruit skewers which not only look good, but they are incredibly delicious and incredibly healthy. Provide your guests with yoghurt dip as well and see how well they react to this super snack. Order or make vegan pizza instead of a regular one, healthy alternative is a good change from time to time. This will allow your friends who are dieting to eat as well and not feel like they are fasting.


Instead of a lot of alcohol and dozens of soda cans, offer your guests a healthy drink instead. Make your own flavored water and your guests can start their own detox program right there at your party. Add peaches, cucumbers, mint, green tea, strawberries, and pears in water and you will ask yourself why on earth you ever bought flavored water. You will be hooked, and your guests will love it. If you don’t want to ban alcohol drinks altogether, offer them some sangria with plenty of fruit. This is a sweet drink, exotic, and perfect for hot summer days and nights.


As this party should be truly healthy and fun at the same time, it would be wise of you to offer some activities to your guests as well. paint coloured circles on your lawn and play a game of twister which will bring you back to childhood. Or you can have a trampoline set in your backyard and organize a casual class of trampoline fitness which will make your friends positively ecstatic. Games bring us back to childhood, and we don’t always have to play ‘grownup games’ such as Alias. Make your guest move a bit, run around, jump, and stretch, and you will see how much happier they will look afterwards.

Throwing a healthy and fun party may not be as difficult as it may seem at first, and if you are dedicated and willing to experiment, you will likely throw a party to remember. Who knows, maybe your friends like it as well, and they decide to organize one of such healthy parties themselves. You will be known as that one friend who can really organize an event which everyone can enjoy.

Gabriella Diesendorf is blogger and a devoted mother from Australia. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques and planing parties at Boing central. If you mention attachment parenting or natural makeup she will bore you to death.