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Love May be Blind but Fitness Has to be Measured

"woman skipping rope"By Joel Newman

Do you often look at the mirror and feel your waist is wide and your arms are not shapely to wear spaghetti straps? Or does the flab in your stomach hang out in a short top? You feel a twinge of jealousy when your partner ogles at other shapely figures. He is the same guy who had his eyes only for you and no one, just a little while ago. Well, don’t fret that you’ve lost him. There is still hope. You can also loose weight and have a shapely and envious figure like the models you see on TV and magazines. Fitness is gaining popularity, as world over people are waking up to the fact that to lead a long and healthy life, you need to stay fit and keep trim. As gyms and fitness centers are springing all around the globe, female fitness is much in demand.

Join a gym if you can afford it

There are umpteen reasons for women to put on weight. Be it baby fat or weight gain during puberty or pregnancy and child birth or menopause; reasons abound. Often body gains weight without any reason also. Under these circumstances it is better to join a fitness program that suits your needs and shed the extra kilos you’ve gained. Join a gym that is closer to your home or work place. It is always advised to work out with friends. You can compare notes and that motivates you to loose weight. The internet is awash with fitness websites and videos. You can see those also and start your exercise program.

Skip at home

Due to recession many people have lost jobs and live on a tight budget. If you cannot afford a gym, work at home with a stepper. Better still buy a skipping rope and start skipping at home. Initially skip only 25 times a day. Increase it to 500 times a day and that should do the trick.

If you do not have space in your condo to work out or keep a treadmill, get a pair of weights. Lifting weights doesn’t need much space. After skipping, lift weights to keep your arms in shape. Later lie face down on your bed with half your body hanging out of bed. Hold the sides of the bed and lift your legs rhythmically. This should help work out the muscles of your legs and thighs.

Interval training helps

Interval training is another way to build body muscle. Rest between work outs is a must. Sleep is important for muscle growth and you should get a minimum of 8 hours sleep at night combined with proper nutrition and supplementation. So get your self motivated to get into shape and wear the bikini you so desired to show off your sculpted body.


Like fashion models you too will start to look feminine and graceful. With glowing skin, great body and loads of self confidence is there any doubt that your partner will not notice you? That’s it! You are on your way to success in your love life.

Joel Newman is a health and fitness expert who often blogs on these subjects. Presently he is into research on hgh (http://www.hgh.info/and GenF20.


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  1. Working out and running a small business can be so challenging to manage together.

    I can’t imagine how small business moms do it.

    But one of the things that has helped me both save money, time, and my waistline are home workout tapes.

    I know corny right.

    But they really do work. Particularly, the Jillian Michaels video.

    You will thank me for the 30 Day Shred DVD. You get a great work in just 27mins.

    I’d say at home videos are a must have for small business owners flushed for time in addition to the tips above.

  2. Susie @ Cote d'Azur says:

    All fine and dandy but making the time for such a commitment is the issue. Going to the Gym takes time out – getting there, changed, working out, showering, driving home. Making time is the issue – I think I’ll try the skipping at home and try and minimise the damage to my home!

  3. And I have found that so many women will find more motivation and inspiration to exercise (or at least move a little more) when they
    can see some initial progress. It often takes a few small choices (diet that day, going to the gym, running around the block, etc.)
    for a few consecutive days to be able to pat yourself on the back for making progress i.e. getting in shape, losing weight, feeling better.

  4. This is quite helpful especially those with partners and wants to maintain their attraction with each other. It is essential to look good and not only you are more attractive but healthier as well. Most importantly, you also have to feel better about yourself. Its about looking good and feeling good.

  5. Housewives can easily put on weight and I am sure many women among us put lot of weight especially after 30 and we need to take care of our fitness so thatwe enjoy long and happy married life. Joining gym or engaging yourself for home exercises is best to keep you fit and healthy.

  6. I can’t say enough about the importance of good nutrition, including finding the right supplements for you.

    I recently switched to eating almost entirely organic, natural and locally-sourced wherever possible. Yes, it’s more expensive, but it tastes better, I’ve never felt better, my allergies cleared up, and I’m eating less because the food is so much more satisfying.

    And I was never a big believer in supplements until I found one that just had an amazing impact on my workouts: 50% increase in my strength training, 100% increase in my cardio workouts. And no soreness the next morning.

    As a result, not only are my trips to the gym more effective, they’re more fun and less exhausting, so I look forward to them more, and I go more often. NEVER do I say any more, “I just don’t feel like going to the gym.”