Interview with Barbara Cranner Founder of Bruise Relief

When Barbara Cranner launched Bruise Relief, she knew she had an effective product because it had been used it in her family for five generations. What she did not know was how many great resources she had in her own “backyard” of New Orleans.  Following Hurricane Katrina, Barbara decided that someone in her family needed to focus full-time on bringing the family remedy to the mass market.

After 24 years as a financial advisor, Barbara decided to leave the financial business in 2006 and commit her time to developing her great grandmother’s remedy for the mass market. Barbara launched Dr. Holmquist Healthcare, LLC, a family- and majority-woman-owned and operated company, which is headquartered in Mandeville, Louisiana. The company is named for Barbara’s step-father, Dr. Nelson Holmquist, a cyto-pathologist.
Initially, Barbara thought Bruise Relief would be marketed as a First Aid product for children, but she was pleased to learn interest came from people of all ages.  A topical skin care product, Bruise Relief comes in a gel and serum formulation and is designed to eliminate the appearance of bruising and skin discoloration.  Seniors citizens now tell Barbara that it helps with their ever present bruises, and the cosmetic industry also sees its benefits. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have attested to the benefits of Barbara’s product. Even women with dark circles under their eyes are reaping the benefits of Bruise Relief.  After years of hard work, Barbara was able to see the fruits of her labor when CVS and other fine pharmacies across the country decided to carry Bruise Relief.

Despite the economic downturn, Barbara has continued to grow her business and is looking to expand the brand and company. She has learned the importance of developing a marketing and advertising plan that fits her budget, needs and goals. She is turning to new media as a unique way of reaching consumers.  Social media and ambassador programs, combined with sampling and traditional advertising have allowed Dr. Holmquist Healthcare to reach consumers nationwide without breaking the budget of this small business.

Barbara now generates business primarily from in-store and online sales. Customers are able to visit the company’s website to purchase either the serum or gel Bruise Relief formulas. In addition, interested visitors can request a free sample to test the product before purchasing it. Barbara has found this business model to be a success because she can use her marketing strategies to drive sales both in-store and online. In the future, she hopes to test new marketing approaches to reach an ever wider consumer base than the one she has already established.

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