Spring break and summer travel planning season is here, as throngs of people ready themselves for some well-earned, greatly needed R&R to reboot and recharge their proverbial batteries and generally connect on a meaningful and relaxed level with those they enjoy. However, with recent reports  indicating that “the average vacation costs $1,145 per person (or $4,580 for a family of 4),” those respites can take a big bite out of the bank account.

But there’s good news for California residents looking for a fun and easy way to earn some luck-induced cash to help fund their fun-in-the sun, and for others who just like to play the California Lottery—whether situationally or regularly. A Web-based service called LottoGopher has its “site” set on helping you become California’s next lottery jackpot winner…quite literally.

With LottoGopher, any California resident can conveniently order tickets online from a computer or smart phone for the exact same price as the store. You can even increase your odds of winning by utilizing their super-cool “winning number analyzer tool” to identify past winning lottery picks you, yourself, may want to play.  With it, you can determine if you want to play a “hot” number or one that is “due to hit.”

The site makes playing the various California lottery options extremely easy. Just log on to and pick a game—either POWERBALL, MEGA Million or SuperLotto Plus—and pick your tickets, either singles or sets. You can choose one or more tickets for the next draw, or choose their 8-pack option to set up play for the next 8 draws.

Then players just choose their lucky numbers or opt for the “quick pick: button if random number selection is preferred.

Players finish by selecting how many tickets they would like to order and the plan they want: a one-day, one-month, or a one year plan. This membership fee is for the “gopher” service itself, whereby a staffer will go to the store to order the ticket(s), securely store them, and the system will automatically notify you any time you win so you’re sure to never miss your winnings. For first time players who just want to test the waters, first time players can actually make a single ticket purchase for free. Finally the online order is completed 100% securely with a simple, fully security-encrypted credit card payment.

And, if you want to increase your odds of winning even further, you can create, or join, public lottery pools where if anyone in the group wins you all share the prize. You can even join William Shatner’s group and play.

They’ve designed so many fun ways for you to pick your numbers using common lottery strategies or with just a quick pick.

And, as mentioned, security is 100% assured since LottoGopher meets Better Business Bureau accreditation standards. In fact, if you’re not completely satisfied with their service, the company states that players can cancel at any time for a full refund.

So LottoGopher is making it easier than ever before for California residents to win big with extremely little effort.  And there’s certainly much upside as, since its inception, the California Lottery has paid out over $27 billion in prizes.

Also of note is that over 87 percent of lottery revenue goes to prizes and education funding in California. The California Lottery has reportedly generated more than $30.9 billion – or about $1 billion per year – for public education in the state. Money that’s going to K-12 schools, community colleges, universities and specialty schools.

So if that impending vacation budget is giving you the blues or if you just have a penchant for picking winning numbers and money-driven gameplay, check out for yourself what LottoGopher has to offer. You just may be thanking your lucky stars all the way to the bank.


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