There couldn’t be anything more painful than losing your spouse, more so if it happens suddenly and unexpectedly in a car mishap. In a single moment, your life turns upside down. You are suddenly left alone to look after your kids and home, manage the finances, and handle all responsibilities you did as a couple. Dealing with death is never easy, but single moms seldom even get time to grieve. You have to pick things and get life on track for your kids. Although there isn’t a way to get over the loss, here are some things you can do to cope up.

Work through your pain

The first thing you will have to do is to work through your pain. You cannot expect it to be easy because you will have to deal with intense emotional trauma. But there isn’t a way out. Start with arranging a funeral for your partner  because he deserves a beautiful goodbye. It will give you and the kids the closure you need to move ahead. You need to understand that healing will take time, and it is alright to feel the pain. Adjusting to the new environment may take time, but you will eventually get used to new routines. Give yourself time and trust the natural healing process.

Support your children

The biggest challenge for a single mom after losing her spouse comes with handling the children. Whether they are young or grown-up, your kids will need emotional support to deal with the loss of their father. You will need to gather all your strength and be there for them. Engage in honest conversations and let them know that you will take care of everything. Tell them that life will not be the same, but you will make sure that it will still be good. Your kids may need counseling support if they are depressed, so look out for signs and get help if required.

Sort out the finances 

While it is hard to overcome your grief, you cannot overlook the finances because you need money to survive and support your kids. Find out about insurance and go ahead with the claims process. If the accident happened due to the other driver’s negligence, you can claim compensation for wrongful death. Contact an experienced car accident lawyer  to discuss your options. They can help you get the settlement value you deserve and also make sure that the guilty driver has to pay.  The claim can bring your finances back on track and secure the future of your kids.

Get to work for regular earning

Apart from sorting insurance and compensation claims, you must think about a source of regular earning. Things will be easier if you were already working because you can resume the job. However, building back may be a challenge if you have never worked. Start looking for employment or consider work-from-home options so that you can be with the kids. You may even consider side hustles because your monthly income takes a hit after an earning member is gone.

Plan for the future of children

Even as life gets on track, you need to plan for the future of your children. After all, you will want them to go to college, get married, and move on. Your retirement planning should also be a priority. It is best to consult an expert who can help you with long-term financial planning. You can invest the proceeds from insurance and car accident claims for a secure future for you and the kids. If you have a large home mortgage debt, consider downsizing to a smaller house. The aim is to keep your finances afloat and have enough for the education of your children.

Do not skimp on self-care

The loss of a spouse is overwhelming as you are suddenly left with a load of responsibility. But the worst you can do is skimp on self-care because it will only make life harder for you and your kids. Looking after your health should be your top priority  at this point. Focus on physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Invest time in exercise and meditation because they heal you inside out. Socialize and share your feelings with friends and family. Spending time with children has therapeutic effects.

Life after your partner’s demise is painful, but you have to learn to live. Cherish what you have and invest in the future of your kids. Focus on your own healing because you have to be the support system of the family now.


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