Time passes quickly and before we know it fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin begin to rear their ugly head and it’s truly an eye opener that makes us screech when we see our reflection, “Ah gack!”  Some of us may use stronger superlatives but well … you get the picture.
Those changes accumulate over the years and grow rapidly as we get older.  Caring for your skin now starting as early as your 20’s is the best preventative measure ever.  Even if you’re in your 40’s, it is never too late.  We lose collagen, elastin and facial fat every single year and when you couple that with sun damage, impurities in the air, stress and whatever other abuses we fall prey too a woman will look older than their actual age.
Babying your skin now is so very important and the sooner you begin, the more beautifully you will age well into those
golden years.  How do you ask?  Getting into the habit of following a daily beauty regime faithfully is major.  You need time to make time for you at the beginning of your day by applying a moisturizer with spf protection and before bedtime, cleanse your makeup away, exfoliate your dead skin away at least once a week and moisturize your skin nightly.  If you’re too darn tired,  use moisturizing facial wipes to at least clean away your cosmetics and daily pollutants.  This is a must.  No excuses either!  If you don’t take care of you, who will?  Here are some other helpful hints to maintain beautiful skin.
  • Kill the tanning.   Tanning rays are so intense they penetrate deeper into the skin than the sun.  It’s a proven fact.  Use a natural bronzer or tanner instead.
  • Suncreen.  Sunscreen.  Sunscreen.  A product with zinc oxide, avobenzone or Mexoryl, will protect against you getting wrinkles, sagging and brown spots.
  • Keep your hands off your eyes.  Scratching and rubbing heavily damages the tender skin underneath.  Treat your eyes with kindness.
  • Sweat It.  Exercise is great for the skin as it increases circulation and makes your skin glow.  Plus, it’s just plain healthy overall.
  • Go smoke free.  Smoking damages the skin, turns it yellow, breaks down collagen and makes you wrinkle much faster.
  • Wear your shades year round.  Squinting continuously causes those deep forehead wrinkles and creates lines under the eyes because the skin is broken down by the sun.
  • First sign of aging begins in your 30’s.  This is the time to start using a retinoid like Retin-A to speed up cell turnover, and build and preserve collagen.
  • Protect your pucker.  Dry, cracked lips make you look older.  Use a balm daily or a lipstick with a moisturizer.
  • Get a peel.  Our body begins to change in our 40’s & 50’s and at times we need a little more.  A facial/body peel or light-based treatments can take years off your appearance.  Visit a dermatologist to add new age-fighters into your regimen, such as peptides, or those that stimulate collagen,  firm skin and prevent environmental damage.

Cynthia is a published romance author, free lance writer and creator of The Girlz Korner a website and community forum exclusively for women of all ages.