"Looking for love in all the wrong places..(Like in Others)" You complete me“. Ahh..the famous line form the movie Jerry Maquire. But that is Hollywood and this is life.Truth is no one can complete you but YOU. It’s such a hard concept to grasp because we are conditioned in the society that we live in to believe that someone else has to complete you in order for you to be happy. When you are married we say they are our other half or better half. But, I don’t have to tell you the divorce rate in this country is astronomical.

If you are not complete BEFORE you meet someone, what are you bringing to the relationship? Half of a person? Yes. That is exactly accurate. You are half , hoping to find the other half of what you are missing in the other person. That’s a lot of unfair pressure on the other person, don’t you think? If you depend on someone else to make you happy, they will let you down, every time. Because the only person who can make you happy is YOU. Let’s just say that you were complete and you met another person that was complete. How wonderful would that relationship be? You are not requiring anything from that person.

You don’t NEED that person for anything. You can just be your complete fabulous selves and enjoy each other. And if it didn’t work out, you wouldn’t feel depleted because they wouldn’t be taking anything away from you…(remember you were whole when you met) so you could truly just be thankful for the experience and move on. No distraught. It’s like the analogy of two fish swimming in the ocean together. You both are complete with all the water you will ever need. You don’t seek that person out because you need water.

You can be in each others presence and just enjoy the wholeness of all the water and share swimming in it together. When that person leaves, you both leave with the same amount of water you had to begin with. It doesn’t drain you.You remain happy even when they are gone because you were happy to begin with. Can you imagine living life this way?

Swim in love, all the time.And whoever comes swimming by, enjoy them while they are there, just like you would enjoy anything else in life that takes its time to float by and bless you. Experiences, people, whatever. But remember happiness starts from the inside and can never be found outside of yourself.

And also remember I love you!



Renee Dean is a Life Success Coach, NLP Practitioner, Mentor and Motivational Speaker.Renee transforms all areas of life including love,business,finance and health by teaching an understanding of who we are and why we are here. She uses tools such as meditation, law of attraction, and NLP to help her clients find their purpose,ultimately creating complete happiness.  Visit her website for more info: reneedean.com