To celebrate our 4 year anniversary, WE Magazine is gathering content for our BIG FALL TECHNOLOGY Issue and looking for Articles, Women to Interview and Advertisers.  Here is a synopsis of what we are looking for:

Articles with a technology focus in the following categories:

Health and Wellness


Relationships (such as online personality quizzes, online dating, etc,)



Going Global

Social Media (Looking for an article on Foursquare or other geo-location based social site)


Travel & Recreation


New Books for our Worth Reading Column


Lifestyle in General

An example of what we mean by technology focused, if you were submitting an article on weight loss or health and wellness, the article should include online tools to help the person reach their goals. Articles must be between 500 and 800 words more or less. They should be informative, entertaining articles that are not self-promotional in nature. For complete submission guidelines visit:

WE are also looking for Women under 35 to Interview who are working in eCommerce, Technology, Internet Marketing & Social Media for our Women on the Move Channel

To make the Fall Technology Issue really standout, we are looking for NEW Advertisers who want to get in front of 50,000+ readers.  Here is a screen shot of our stats for the past 7 months (as of September 18):

Summary by Month
Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Sep 2010 17211 14845 6855 2403 16119 9160465 43264 123402 267214 309799
Aug 2010 20104 16888 8181 3042 29324 21682915 94303 253636 523531 623229
Jul 2010 18603 14443 8758 2772 23461 20089387 85950 271511 447745 576716
Jun 2010 16946 14075 6936 2458 25701 15122986 73765 208082 422255 508407
May 2010 16556 13456 7458 2352 25861 15694964 72940 231210 417165 513256
Apr 2010 16902 13799 7264 2283 28303 15314502 68499 217924 413989 507069
Mar 2010 15745 13071 5912 1783 22329 11394798 41027 135985 300641 362152
Totals 108460017 479748 1441750 2792540 3400628

As you can see we have had steady growth since March from 41,000+ to 94,000+ in August (monthly totals). The average person spends 7.2 minutes on our site visiting 4+ pages.

These are the figures advertisers want to see when investing in ad placement. Advertisers to our digital magazine also receive recognition ON THE WEBSITE with a graphic and link back to their sites as well as mention in our media release going out to 550+ media outlets globally.

In addition, our Alexa rankings are as follows (as of September 18):


Alexa Traffic Rank (Global)


Traffic Rank in US

That means that of all the millions of websites in the world ours comes in at 183,747 globally and 45,442 in the US. Our Google page rank is 5 which is considered very good (anything above 4 is good) You can check your Google Page Rank here:

In addition, we have a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn which we use as tools to promote each issue (and every article for that matter) with a combined audience of more than 15,000.

And finally all our past issues are archived on our website so your ad can be viewed many times over the next few years.

Ads are being offered on a first come basis as we only have 4 full page ads left, 7 half page spots and 8 quarter page ads spots left.

We are running a “special” price for this issue only. Ad rates are  as follows:

Full page ad $99 (regular $247) size: 8 inches wide by 10 inches high

Half page ad $69 (regular $147) size: 8 inches wide by 5 inches high

Quarter page ad $47 (regular $77) size: 4 inches wide by 5 inches high

And we have one page for Business card ads at $25 each (regular $47).

All ads must be submitted, camera ready in either jpeg or pdf format. If you are interested in any of these advertising options, send a message to

Deadline for submission of all articles and ads is October 1, 2010.