By Joyce Hansen

"your unique imprint"Others may be experts in their specialty but you are the expert on your own life. Did you know that you signed up for a specific role before you were born?

Are you living that purpose-driven life? Would you like to learn tips to tune into your inner wisdom to find out if you need to change the imprint that you are currently creating?

Try this experiment with a person that you trust and feel comfortable with sharing  confidential thoughts.

1. Place two chairs back to back in a room that is comfortable in temperature,

not cluttered and has a door with a lock in order that you will not be disturbed when you are conducting the exercise.

2. Sit back-to-back with your partner, making sure that you are not physically touching each other. Position yourselves so that you can talk easily with each other, without actually seeing each other.

3. Once you are in your seated positions, take ten to fifteen minutes to carry on a conversation about what your think your life purpose is and how your business/career is flowing with that purpose. Remember not to look or touch each other. Communicate by using words only.

4. After the agreed upon time is over, turn around in order that you are facing your partner, sitting at a comfortable distance from each other. Now that you both can see and hear each other, carry on your conversation for another five minutes.

5. Continue to face each other, but for the next two minutes do not speak. Instead, join hands with your partner and communicate whatever messages you intuitively feel through sight and touch. Tune into your inner wisdom as you go through this step. Do not try to suppress feeling embarrassed, silly, etc. You only need to remember to remain silent.

6. You may wish to change partners and repeat the exercise.

7. While the information is fresh, write it down and ask your partner to review it for points that you may have missed.

8. If you discovered that you are not aligned with your life purpose and passions, brainstorm with each other what you could do to start re-aligning yourself in all areas of your life.

9. Arrange another date on your calendar when the two of you can repeat this exercise and review progress.

10. Practice daily by talking aloud and then listening for answers. The answers may seem to come out of nowhere – that is your intuition guiding you. Pay attention. Creative ideas and resolutions to concerns are often key results from listening to your inner wisdom.

Because you and those around you are constantly sending nonverbal clues, it is important to recognize that you have a constant source of information available about yourself and others. If you choose to tune into these signals, you will be more aware of how those around you are feeling and thinking and utilize these resources to help you keep focused on your purpose-driven life.

Copyright Joyce Hansen 2011. Joyce Hansen, President of Class Act Connections is an Intuitive Communicator who assists business owners and individuals to listen to their own guidance for answers to manifest their success in their professional and personal lives. Joyce can be reached at or 905-278-0952