Many people assume that if they start living they life they want to that they will be outcast from their friends and family. This is actually false, you can still live the life you feel that you should be living without this happening to you. Let’s look at how you can manage this.

No one expects you to always have the exact same viewpoint as them. When you do find yourself in disagreement just be careful about how you show this. While expressing your views, don’t become headstrong and forceful. Instead learn to listen to both sides of the argument or discussion. There doesn’t always have to be a clear winner.

While you may want to dress in a carefree manner, again do this with discretion. If you are visiting your parents or grandparents give them a little respect. In this instance dressing down may be more appropriate. You can still dress however you wish once your visit is over.

Living your own life and being your own person is wonderful. Who doesn’t want to feel carefree and have no boundaries placed upon them? This doesn’t mean that everyone around you will want to do the same. Allow your friends to conform to the majority if that is what they wish. Don’t force actions on them that would make them feel uncomfortable.

When your friends and family see you as authentic this means that you really are being true to yourself. You are not afraid to share your views, raise objections and stand out amongst the crowd.

An authentic person is someone that means what they say, says what they mean and walks the talk! You know the type of person who you are, and you are extremely comfortable living in your own skin.

When you are living the life you want to live you share honestly with others. You are not vulnerable and yet, you know who you can be vulnerable with. You have an inner strength that is often admired by others. You genuinely know how to love, trust and respect the people in your life. Plus you can leave that ego of yours in the background if and when necessary. At the same time you seize every opportunity to learn, grow and explore everything around you.