Learn How To Take Control of YOUR Barter Power!

I’ve been bartering since 1994  and I’ve been amazed by the things I can get by striking up a deal. Since I’ve launched my own Barter Exchange, I’m even more impressed by the services and products you can get on barter. A lot of my colleagues don’t EVER spend a dime in the store, before they check the barter exchange store first.

I know a few that are actually pretty wealthy in “barter terms” and can afford to splurge in our barter store with over 40,000 merchants to choose from. An Own Your Power Member, Suzette Caloca is actually a web designer of mine who loves to barter. She provides quality work and has a high demand, so she doesn’t have a hard time building up her Barter Bank account. I just paid her in barter bucks to do my business cards!

Her stories about bartering inspire ME to barter even more, check out why she’s barter ballin’!

What is name of your business and what do you do?
STUDIO Suzette Web and Print Design (but it not an official business name, I get paid to my name)
I design anything and everything for web and print marketing

How long have you been bartering?
Actively, 8 Months.

What makes an exchange like Give ‘n Take better than bartering on your own?
Give n’ Take’s Barter system allows me to trade with anyone in exchange for barter dollars that I can in turn use with anyone in the DoBarter Network (over 40k members!)

Why do you think you’ve been successful with bartering?
I think I’ve been successful, because I have a product that everyone needs to market themselves, their product or their business.


Top three coolest barters so far?
$9,000 in dental work (including TEETH WHITENING)
$2,200 for a brand new wooden playset with swing for my kids. (Shown in photo).
$1,225 for credit repair.

Why do you think most people don’t get bartering exchanges?
I don’t think they understand the barter system and I still have yet to find a website that knows how to explain it in plain English to someone who is not familiar with barter at all.

What would you tell these people to change their minds?
I was skeptical at first, I didn’t know how this was going to work out for me or if it has anything to offer me, but I swear by it now. What would I tell people to change their minds? Hmm… how about, I’ve bought over $15,000 worth of stuff in the past 8 months with NO CASH… wouldn’t you want that too?

Now how’s that for example of Living the GOOD Life on Zero Cash? I’ve said it time and time again; BARTER IS SMARTER!
Want to barter with Suzette for web design? Join Give ‘n Take for FREE today and we’ll connect you. Also add her as a friend in our community.

Own your power,



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