By Dickie Sykes

"leadership sign"There are countless reasons why the Palin women ignite feelings of fierce loyalty or dislike in the American public. You can agree or disagree with their politics, dancing ability or the number associated with their IQs but what you can’t disagree with is their ability to take risk, disregard naysayers and brush the crumbs of criticism and humiliation to the ground, while never letting them stick to or destroy their persona. The negative opinion of others does not cause them to shrink back like pansies from the hot sun but rather has them expanding their brands and growing like weeds in ways know one thought possible. They are all over the place and hard as hell to get rid of.

Those personality traits are what separate winners from losers. Winners keep on keeping on know matter what. They dip their toes into dancing shoes, star in reality TV shows and write whatever story a good publisher tells them will sell books. They are not afraid to forge ahead into the unknown; anxiety and fear does not stop them from trying something new. They exhibit many right brain characteristics and leadership personality traits.

In an episode of their reality show Sarah tells Bristol who is having difficulty shooting a gun “don’t retreat, reload.” In life you can’t retreat permanently from adversity, hardship, disappointment or failure, you have to reload, meaning try and try again. Too many have let their dreams die because they didn’t reload.

Nobel Prize winner Roger Sperry studied “split-brain” and found each hemisphere has its own specialized form of intellect. Although our brains work as a merged entity the left (IQ) has been associated with logic, analytical and rational thought and the right (EQ) with authenticity, resilience and understanding the emotions of others. Sperry’s research uncovered that even though the right brain was not able to speak up for itself, it was still processing information. Left brainers will continue to be a highly valued commodity; however, in order to become a successful influencer and get the things in life you desire, tapping into both brain hemisphere characteristics will give you a significant advantage. 

Successful individuals are extraverts; they are outgoing, friendly, talkative and social. If you add charisma to the mix, it enhances their ability to influence and persuade. In the Journal of Applied Social Psychology, researchers Van knippenberg documented that outgoing, friendly, charismatic leaders have the ability to affect positive arousal in followers. It went on to say that leaders who have a charismatic personality have the ability to induce high arousal states such as enthusiasm in followers and therefore, have a greater ability to get their goals and objectives achieved. 

When seeking opportunities and following your dream, just remember success will require more than a high IQ. In a “Business Week” column by Jack & Suzy Welch they stated: “A misstep we’ve both taken is hiring a candidate who’s smart and capable but just too lacking in emotional intelligence, EQ.” His personality did not fit their organization; he had the right IQ but none of the EQ. Like em or hate em, the Palin women have high doses of EQ running through their veins. The good news according to Daniel Pink, author of ‘A Whole New Mind: Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future’ “everyone can tap into the abundance that exists in the right side of our brains.” 

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