"intuition Inner Voice"How do you react when you’re greeted with…”Good morning, how are you?” Do you grumble, what’s good about it? Do you frown and reply in a monotone voice, yeah-fine-morning, or because you’re ‘just not a morning person’ you grunt some incoherent sound hoping the happy-jerk will keep moving along otherwise, you’ll give them an earful. If you’re chuckling because you can relate, your life is out of sync.

Do you wake up each morning with a light heart and ready to take on a new day? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Does your circle of friends give you support, energy and unconditional love? If your answer is no, then your life is out of sync.

If you’re feeling restless, your life is going nowhere and your relationship is lacking, you can change the direction of your reality by listening to your inner voice.

Quiet Your Mind:

To hear your inner voice you must discover how to quiet your mind. Worries, anger, bills, work, children; these are a few of the random thoughts that can wildly run through your mind. Have you ever tried to go to sleep at night and your head will not shutdown? That is brain-chatter. It’s vital that you learn how to clear your mind of all chatter.

Imagine you’re traveling in a jet and you hit bad weather. The pilot flips on the seatbelt sign. He comes over the speaker to announce that he’s changing the flying altitude and will rise above the bumpy air pockets, pounding thunder, and pelting rain. The plane soars higher and higher, plowing through the dreary black clouds, then without notice, luminous blue skies materialize, and the blinding sunlight begins to warm your face. All passengers are hushed in awe. This moment of solace, floating in the air above the clouds, the tranquility you sense is the peaceful point you want your mind to attain, so you can hear your inner voice.

Let Your Inner Voice Guide You:

Your inner voice is the whisper that gives you motivation, inspiration, and hope in the mist of despair. Once you are aware that you have an inner voice, it becomes necessary to open your mind to the possibilities. Your inner voice is instinct, it does not hesitate, and your voice knows all of your possibilities. Go with your ‘gut’ feeling. Do not doubt yourself. To find your passion in life, let your inner voice guide you. Go to bed with a question on your lips knowing that your answer will come. Your inner voice always has the best intentions for you if you will just tap into it and listen.

Share Your Voice:

When you allow your inner voice to guide you, your transformation is instantaneous. You now have a quiet knowing. Your body radiates internal strength and confidence. Your life is in-sync and the people you need will naturally gravitate towards you. There is no room for ego, be kind, be generous and it will come back around to you. Share the knowledge of your inner voice because satisfaction like happiness is contagious.

Where is Your Quiet Place?:

Discover your quiet place. It may be in a room, a corner or sitting on a park bench. Float above the noise to find your voice. Allow positive thoughts to enter your mind. Be ready to listen to your voice, have confidence in your life plan. Eliminate self-doubt. When your life is in-sync, all things are good. Share your voice with others, they will learn from you. Happiness is a choice.

Here is a simple test to see if your life is out of sync. Now, answer this question honestly!

Good Morning, how are you?

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis is President/CEO of Executive Women’s Success Institute in Maryland. She is a career strategist, trainer, speaker, and author of Finding Your Best Inside: How to Become the Person You Are Meant to Be.