"From Loss To Personal Renaissance With The Zest Of Italy"From Loss To Personal Renaissance With The Zest Of Italy

The first self-help book to prescribe a traditional Italian cultural approach, Italian-American author teaches readers how to overcome challenges with simple strategies from the “bel paese.”

“Perhaps life has knocked you down one too many times. Or maybe you’ve just gone ‘stale.’ Dr. Mautner is part philosopher, part psychologist, part life coach—but entirely Italian. She offers Italian-style therapy: food, family, friends, and fun—a recipe for your own, personal renaissance. What would Freud say if he was Italian? Here’s your answer!” —Steve Perillo, CEO, Perillo Tours

Can dancing an impromptu tarantella change your mood? Can beautiful Italian music make you feel more serene? Can feasting your eyes on a Renaissance painting speed up emotional healing after loss? The answer to all of these, according to Raeleen D’Agostino Mautner, Ph.D., author of Lemons Into Limoncello: From Loss to Personal Renaissance with the Zest of Italy  is “assolutamente, si.”

Life is about change, transition—and in many cases, devastating loss, says self-help expert Dr. Raeleen D’Agostino Mautner. Our ability to recover from hardship and reassemble the pieces of our lives in a way that enriches our continued journey is the real key to everyday happiness. According to Mautner, tapping into the vast wisdom inherent in the Italian culture is one way to go about this.

Mautner experienced the healing powers of her cultural roots firsthand following the sudden death of her husband of 32 years. “In just one minute,” she states, “our lives can change forever.” Whether it is loss of a loved one, a home that has gone into foreclosure, a job layoff that disrupts your financial security, or a health diagnosis that leaves you scared and confused—how you react to adversity will determine if you become a victims or become victorious.

“What got me through the long haul of sleepless nights and overwhelming grief was the comfort, solace, and fortitude rooted in my cultural heritage,” Mautner explains.

In her newest book, Lemons into Limoncello: From Loss to Personal Renaissance with the Zest of Italy, Dr. Mautner offers distinctly Italian tips and suggestions that involve faith, art, music, laughter, social camaraderie, and a deeper appreciation of the richness of semplicità, simple living, to soften the impact of loss.

Her message is clear: “I think of life as a Michelangelo non-finito: A beautiful masterpiece with endless possibility. Despite our hardships.”

Raeleen D’Agostino Mautner holds a Ph.D. in educational/cognitive psychology and taught psychology for over 25 years. Host of the popular radio show “The Art of Living Well,” she has also authored “Living la Dolce Vita: Bring the Passion, Laughter, and Serenity of Italy into Your Daily Life,, and was a columnist for both America Oggi and The Italian Tribune, in addition to having served as the Research Director for AIDA (American Italian Defense Association). Learn more at: http://raeleenmautner.com .