Leftover Bread

by Wendy VanHatten

The French Baguette was delicious…but there are a couple of pieces left and they’re starting to get a little hard.

Your kids want sandwiches for lunch…but not the end pieces.

There’s nothing wrong with the loaf of bread in your pantry…except it tastes a little stale.

What do you do with these pieces? Throw them away? Give them to the dogs? Nope…not at all.

Toss them in your food process or blender. Turn all those pieces into tasty, usable breadcrumbs. You may have to do this in a couple of batches to get them to the size you want. It will depend on your processor or blender.

We measure ours in one cup sizes and them in the freezer. Labeled, of course.

Then, the next time you need breadcrumbs as a filler or for breading, you are all set. You can even mix them with Panko breadcrumbs or whatever else you use. Just stir them all together.