By Celeste Teal

So, you don’t think you could ever make sense out of all those little squiggly lines, learn the math or the meaning of aspects? So much significance…

Finding out a couple of basics about your own horoscope makes the project a lot more fun because you can learn things about yourself at the same time you learn astrology. These days software makes the math a cinch. For a quick start, you can easily find your rising sign before reading on if you were born in the continental U.S.

Actually, the math is more like complicated geometry and that’s what puts astrology in a class all by itself. It’s a mathematical science; factual and evidential time after time. You don’t have to be psychic to be a good astrologer and your intuition will develop as you practice “reading” charts. You’ll come to “know” the aspects just as well as you know that 1 + 1 = 2.

Now, as far as the planets having an “influence” over us; that isn’t all that far-fetched an idea really. We’re learning about the synergies in everything. Energy melding with energy produces a new energy, whether it is person with person, or with anything else. Everything contains energy; the planets too. And after all, they do share our solar system.

Regardless of any “influence”, however, the heavenly bodies “reflect”  conditions on earth and with individuals. Like looking into a mirror, one can “see” what is happening at any given time; past, present or future. See Outwitting the Stars, a story from a yogi about astrology.

A person responds to the planetary energies that are prominent in the horoscope. In other words, a planet of strong position in the horoscope reveals much about an individual and about evolving situations in life.

To see into the chart of an individual accurately and precisely, the exact time, date and place of birth is needed. And, yes, the time is important. Check the birth certificate if possible rather than relying on anyone’s memory. A couple of minutes will greatly alter the accuracy of a reading for someone aged 30. The location of birth is needed to establish longitude and latitude. This is High Math, remember..?

Still, all that is in case you really want to become astrologically adept. The first and possibly the worst part of learning astrology involves memorization. You have to memorize the symbols of the planets and signs, the key meanings of the houses, planets and signs and finally the key meanings of the aspects. These are called Keys because they are a one word or short phrase of description. Go directly to the Tutorial to get all the tools you’ll need to get started.
Celeste Teal (Arizona) writes for popular astrology magazines and maintains her popular web site, the Moon Valley Astrologer ( with a variety of articles for astrologers of all levels. She’s authored several well-received astrology books, including Eclipses, Predicting World Events & Personal Transformation, and Lunar Nodes. Teal focuses on teaching time-tested astrology principles and reliable forecasting techniques.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: This is the first in a series of Astrology articles by various authors and editors.  In the coming weeks we will be showcasing experts in astrology and interviewing women on a variety of topics as they relate to life and business.  In fact, our first interview will take place on Wednesday  June 24th at 12 Noon EST with Sandra-Leigh Serio, Astrologer,  PMAFA, C.A.P.  M.A. Psychology Learn more about her at:  ~ we will be talking about upcoming astrological aspects and how they relate to business (and more).  The link to this and other interviews will be posted on WE Magazine for Women. Stay tuned!