"wardrobe"… The First 8 Steps to Recreating Your Own YOU! By Tashia Rahl

In today’s world, it is about who you know, but, if you’re not fortunate enough to have a loaded rolodex [or I-phone contact list] you may have to rely on people’s impression of you. Obviously most people don’t know you; they simply ‘see’ you…and almost instantly formulate an impression. Men and women put more effort into their appearance for special occasions than for daily living. Yet far more happens in the ‘daily living’ than the special occasions! It is the extra energy and effort in dressing for day-to-day living and working that will make a greater impact. I’ve heard this so often: “I’m just working from home” “I’m just grocery shopping” “I’m just going into the office with no clients today…” “I’m just taking my kids to soccer”, etc – it’s indeed that phrase “I’m just” that signifies how you feel about yourself within your daily lifestyle. This article is intended to give new perspective and maybe inspire the purchase of a three-way mirror…

People live their life to the fullest when they feel good. And what better way to feel good than to look good? [It’s the starting point.] Being well-dressed makes your face glow, makes you stand more erect which exudes more confidence. The stronger your confidence, the higher your rate of conquering obstacles! The key is to recognize that the choice you make to dress yourself as best as you are able is a daily behavior that needs mental effort and energy. This self-fulfilling prophecy helps drive your goals to their highest level. Defining those goals is the focus of how I, as a professional stylist, attain the results for dressing our best-dressed clients. [You’re only as good as you feel.] Assembling a look that is chic, suave, and debonair also shows the respect that you have for your family, your work place, your neighborhood, the schools you choose, the church or temple [or other] you attend. People treat the well-dressed differently – [love that scene in Pretty Woman… and another favorite is the one in Devil Wears Prada]

The criteria of being well-dressed is lengthy and is determined by such a variety of conditions; however, Rome wasn’t built in a day. It’s in the steps. Here are eight that over the last two decades became a mantra for hundreds of my clients…

1. Evaluate the ENTIRE contents of your wardrobe at least twice a year. Does every piece have An actual function? Further, is each piece flattering to your size [really??!!], your shape [three way mirrors don’t lie], your coloring, your personality? Don’t keep crap.

2. Keep your closet your sanctuary – mess means stress. Organization is a fundamental discipline reducing stress.

3. Narrow down the criteria for owning clothing, shoes, & accessories. Does each piece flatter who you are…Does each piece pave the path of how you’d like to see your life progress…you may be freaking out at this question, but hang on. Many choose to buy things solely due to price, or maybe because they only shop one store, or, their parents always advised neutral colors…Agreed – you can only afford what you can afford, but do not purchase [or wear!] something unflattering because it was marked down to 46.99. Wear it because you love it. Love it because it flatters your size and shape. Love it because it makes you feel beautiful, chic, rich, and on your way to the success you crave.

4. Look over clothes, shoes and bags before putting them on – spots, rips, holes, wrinkles, stretched fibers –when you make the choice to still wear these pieces despite their shortcomings – you short-change YOU. [Seriously, it’s like saying “Hey world! I’m not worthy of anything nicer.” …Why would you present yourself like that???]

5. Fit is the single most important aspect to dressing well. Some people choose therapy, I prefer a good tailor – they have the ability to make you look better, hence feel better than you ever imagined. [and I did say a ‘good’ tailor..]

6. Excessive anything is not “tasteful”. Your choice. [do you wish to present yourself any other way??] It seems people develop a love for things and then go wildly overboard: make up, perfume, tattoos, jewelry, one designer & their logo, plastic surgery, Botox. Too much of anything is not good. Try with all of your heart to avoid excessive behavior. There are other far more advantageous ways to spend your time and money.

7. Hygiene. Pay attention to all aspects of good hygiene. [This includes changing deodorant if needed, professional dental cleaning, manicures and pedicures – not necessarily professional, breath, etc…] overall, good hygiene affects your overall appearance greatly.

8. Posture is a far more important aspect of dressing well than one might consider. Work on it as hard as you can because as my old modeling coach told us: Posture is ½ of your overall image!

These are only eight steps…there are more. Stay tuned.

“Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly.” ~Epictetus

Tashia Rahl is the owner of The Hottest Latest Newest Company, inc [aka HLN] – the foremost dependable wardrobe management firm in SOUTH Florida. Providing styling advice across three continents to men, women, and kids since the mid 1980’s, HLN brings a life-long learning experience of dressing to succeed in whatever your heart desires. Questions pertaining to dressing well may be sent to tashia@theHLNcompany.com. (It’s better to know than not to know ~)