Just imagine. Sand on the top of your body and hair. The flowing skirt that gets wet the moment waves crash and flows around you. The hair is flying across your face! And all you think about is “the happy moments.” Hey! Did you get lost in our screenplay? Well! That was bound to happen. 

But why keep such a relishing memory only in your minds when you can live these moments in real life too. But how? I am sure this question would be popping in your head. But did you forget about heaven on earth? 

Don’t know yet? Well! It’s the island of Maui that is popular for breathtaking scenery around the beaches. Hang on!! You don’t have to settle for a single seashore when it comes to this fantastic island of Hawaii. Yes! You heard it right. Let’s browse through different seashore options where you can close your eyes and feel the radiating sun against your body.

Maui’s Best Beaches to Look Out For

Ideally, the best beach destination depends on whether you’re planning for a honeymoon, a family vacation, or a surf session. If you want to enjoy yourself, look for the top things to do in maui when planning your coastline vacation. 

Now let’s move on to the names of the beaches that you can explore when coming to this Hawaiian island. 


Makena Beach 

"Ladies- It’s Time to Feel The Beach Breeze!"

Like there is a signature dish, one could proudly refer to Makena Beach as one of Maui’s signature beaches. It is also popularly known as the “Big Beach.” You can opt for a relaxing outing on this white sandy seashore. 

If you are here, make sure to check out those Jawz Tacos .mmmm.. relishing! And that’s not all. You can take part in skimboarding or body surfing . It doesn’t end there. One of the parts of this coastline hosts drumming and fire dancing as well. So, don’t miss out on that. 

Kapalua Bay

If you want to taste some luxury, you can visit this place during June, when the place hosts Kapalua Wine & Food Festival. But that’s only one side of the coin if you want to feel relaxed; this beach offers the perfect spot for that as well. But you need to get early and find the best site. If you are bringing your children, this is the ideal spot to take part in water sports. 

You can grab snorkeling or your beach gear and get on with your outdoor activities. Further, the astonishingly beautiful golden sand makes the place even more serene. You can look for snacks or drinks from nearby food shacks. If you are lucky, you can even look at some sea turtles too. 

Charley Young Beach

When it comes to this option, you’ll find some lava structures at the end of its edges. This is particularly a popular place if you want to capture the natural beauty with rocks as the background. 

You’ll find a dark golden and soft sand where your kids can give you some time out since they’ll be engrossed in making sandcastles. Plus, it’s a great place to go for a morning stroll or a simple walk with your partner. You can find one of the popular resorts, Wailea Resort, that is relatively nearby. You’ll have an opportunity to enjoy the wide variety of amenities in this resort. 

Besides these options, one can also opt for the following beach options as part of their travel itinerary. 

  • Wailea Beach
  • D.T. Fleming Beach
  • Ho’okipa Beach Park
  • Napili Bay
  • Hana Bay 


Wrapping up- Enjoy The Chillest of Vibes

Who doesn’t like colored coast waters, warm banana bread, or those vibes that make you fall in love with nature? I am sure everyone would love that idea. If yes, you must visit Maui island once. And why not? When you can fulfill your dream of dipping your toes in stunning blue water and walking on an incredible coastline.

So, girls! Are you set for a sun-kissed beach vacation? If not, it’s time to plan right away!


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