You really do need to see it to believe it.

La Quinta Arts Festival has been ranked the #1 Fine Art and the #1 Fine Craft festival in the nation.

Strolling the grounds, the setting couldn’t be more beautiful. Green grass, a lake in the middle with its own Island Bar, and plenty of food and beverages…this is no ordinary festival. It’s truly an outdoor gallery.

Presenting 220 of the foremost contemporary artists, this is a four-day event. Wander through a delightful mix of culture, whimsy, serious glass and paintings, diamonds, sculptures, and so much more. You’ll wonder how to fit that copper fountain into your patio design, which piece of glass would catch all the sunlight in your living room, and if the hummingbird piece or the woodpeckers on a tree would look better in family room.

With music and performing artists, there are a plenty of places to sit and appreciate both while also enjoying trendy food, beer, and wine.

This year’s festival runs from March 7 to 10. Keep it in mind for next year.