If you are a work from home mom, you know it is a gift to be a stay-at-home parent. However, it sometimes is not enough to stay home, when you have a family to feed and bills to pay.  You have a limited amount of  time on your hands, and are looking for ways you can earn a part-time income at your kitchen table.

With the explosion of selling and buying of the internet, there are many opportunities to create a business made up of products and or services you can sell online. Customer service representatives are in high demand. They take the stress off the company which does not have to pay out benefits. Some online companies offering this opportunity pay per call, others per hour.

Catalog sales is another great way to earn money. Again they pay either by call or hourly. Start-up fees include the installation of a separate phone line. Training is done online and from the convenience of your home office. Many companies will pay for your training.

If you love to bake, you can start your own company selling specialty baked goods, like cupcakes, wedding cakes and more. In fact, you can reach out to local establishments and propose they carry your fresh-baked goods. Visit the small stores, delis and shops in your area and see if you can place your items in their establishment. The internet is also another avenue to travel. You will need to create a website for this. Business cards and flyers posted around town will help as well. Make sure you check with your local regulatory offices to determine licensing requirements and which items you can sell and which items you would need a commercial kitchen for.

If you love to write there are many opportunities both online and off. Look for editors and send a sample of your work for review. If you are accepted, you can do as much as you are able and they usually pay by the piece. There are opportunities to write for national publications as well as or for online publishers. Many stay-at-home parents make a full-time living by freelance writing.

Designing stationery and/or greeting cards is another way to earn money without any real out-of-pocket expenses. You will need to buy paper, but little else. You can either draw your own designs or use software to create your custom designs. Offer personalization on specific items and you will open yourself to a whole new platform of customers.

There are many ways to make additional income simply from working at your kitchen table or in your home office. Do your research and put your talents to use. You will be rewarded with both extra money and appreciation.