"kissing" By Marcia Barhydt, Editor, Woman of a Certain Age

The truth is out. Harlequin Romances recently commissioned a survey about Canadian kissers. The survey was conducted by Harris/Decima Can-Am Omni from October 21, 2010 to October 24, 2010. The number of Canadian s included was a scant 1,000 so I’m not sure if this is an accurate cross section of Canadian kissers.

Some of the results are interesting.

Guys, you need to make sure you’re a really good kisser because the poll determined that women are twice as likely to tell their friends about a date with a bad kisser. So either men, spruce up your technique, or go to great lengths to ensure that your next date isn’t a bff of your last date. Don’t move around in the same circle; go to another circle where you may not be busted before you even start. If you have a friend who’s a girl, get her feedback and ask her if you can practice on her. But if you’re a really bad kisser, even your best friend may turn you down!

The good news is that only 7% of the people surveyed said that bad kissing was a deal breaker. I think they must be a very kind and generous 7%. I have to wonder if those 7% would want to therefore take the time to show their new love interest how to be a good kisser? Would it be kind of like starting a painting with a blank canvass and knowing that when you were done, you’d have a masterpiece of your own creation, shaped to kiss exactly the way you like to be kissed?

Assuming that most of us here are over the age of say 12, it seems to me that great technique is a given. I’m trying to be generous here, but just what have you been doing for the last 50 years if you’re a bad kisser? If you’re not a great kisser, just what else are you maybe not great at either?
Kissing games are more common with younger people, aged 18 to 24, where 21% of them have admitted to kissing someone to make their exes jealous. If that’s you, maybe you might consider some letting go of your last union. Really. Move on, you know?

Most women, 71%, have never done manipulative kissing, compared with 65% of men who were kissing for all the right reasons. That’s encouraging isn’t it? It’d be even better I think if we could convince the guilty parties to wear some kind of label so we’d know?

Good kissers are more common in our Eastern provinces (47%) than on the west coast (27%).
And, like almost everything today, you can perfect your kissing skills online, without having to kiss your monitor. The website www.patentyourkiss.com will allow you to kind of photo-shop your kiss to reasonable perfection and then make a list of exactly what you do when you’re doing it. And you can enter your kiss to win a trip to Las Vegas, which is maybe a good thing for uninspired kissers, given that what happens in Vegas, well, you know the rest.

Or maybe it’s time for some old fashioned training. Remember kissing your hand when you were a sub-teen? I sure do and I bet we could perfect our kisses way better doing that than by using some kind of software.

Whatever kissing technique improvement method works for you, just do it. Kissing rocks. Trust me about this, ok?

©Marcia Barhydt 2011