"Online Assessment Tool Seeks to Revolutionize the Way Couples Connect"Online Assessment Tool Seeks to Revolutionize the Way Couples Connect

Crisis Solutions Services LLC, an online self-assessment software innovator, has announced the launch of its Kryzol Kickstarter campaign , which will run through Feb. 5, 2015. Kryzol, a revolutionary relationship assessment tool, leverages 25 years of technology and real-world experience to help couples better understand and connect with one another.

“This Kickstarter campaign is a great opportunity for visionary investors to make a difference for millions of couples and families around the world,” said Samuel Irizarry, attorney at law and president of Crisis Solutions Services. “Once we reach our Kicks tarter goal of $50,000, we’ll be able to move Kryzol from concept to reality.”

Anonymous and private, Kryzol allows partners to work out issues using breakthrough technology in relationship assessments. The tool offers focus and follow-ups to ensure problems are resolved throughout the process.

Kryzol’s self-assessment tool analyzes 130 topics in a couple’s relationship then helps them identify the causes, measure the intensity, and implement specific solutions for each identified problem. While the software is intuitive enough for couples to interpret the analysis and identify relationship solutions they can put in place for themselves, the tool is also designed to enhance the work partners do with counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, pastors, priests, and other professionals. It also offers relationship professionals a sophisticated assessment and discussion tool that can support their work with couples in crisis.

Irizarry and his team of experts have used their extensive background and experience in the areas of law, counseling, psychology, sexology, faith, and software development to create a tool that promotes the commitment to change between a couple, an essential element to help partners navigate today’s challenges, connect with one another, and build a stronger future for them and their families.

“Many of today’s couples find it easier to give up rather than invest in or work through relationship challenges,” said Irizarry. “When couples separate or divorce and families break up it has a tremendous and often lasting impact on everyone involved. Kryzol offers a clear roadmap to help couples navigate through, or around their specific challenges.”

Crisis Solutions Services determined that this was the time to launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and expand the benefits of the Kryzol self-assessment software to help couples in need around the world.  Backers pledging $500 or more will get at le ast one subscription to the Kryzol software.

To pledge or learn more about Kryzol please visit their Kickstarter campaign page .