Successful Woman doing victory danceIn a unique and compelling blend of world philosophies, Sugandhi Iyer offers a glittering gift: true happiness and success. A life journey is all about getting into the space of true joy, and creating from that space, and she guides the reader forward in her book Joyful Manifestation: Ten Steps to Empower Yourself and Attract a Happy and Successful Life.

“Life is meant to be lived free of stress,” Iyer says. “Life is meant to be lived knowing that everything is in divine and perfect order. Life is magical. Life is filled with infinite potential. Just tap into it. There is a ten-step process to finding that space and manifesting the joy and success you are meant to have,” she says. In a world which increasingly seems to turn to violence and away from love and joy, Iyer affirms that connecting to your inner joy is of paramount importance in order to create external evidence of success.

Step-by-step, she explains how to evaluate your universe to find out what works for you, and what does not and to change it. Joyful Manifestation helps you discover who you really are, and get empowered to have this universe work well for you. You will also understand how successful people think, and what makes them who they are. “Until you wake up and take stock of what keeps happening to you, you cannot bring in the change that you would like to see. This world is made up of dualities and at any point you could be experiencing the negative aspect of what you’d like to see happen, instead of the positive. You can change this by using the Joyful Manifestation process,” she says.

Iyer was born and brought up in India and came to live in the United States as a young adult. Greatly influenced by Eastern and Western philosophies, she studied the works of ancient and modern teachers and explored various healing modalities. She is a Success Coach who enables people to reach for their goals and attain them. “Success starts with how you feel about yourself and then your world,” she says.

“Your material world is a reflection of your inner world and when your inner world contains excitement, delight, power, and joy, whatever you do happens from this space and brings back manifestations that embody that happiness, giving you cause for celebration,” Iyer says. “When you are in the space of joy, your dominant energy will be joy and will pull in more joyful events. With this joy you can spin the web of your life. The universe works in a particular way, and once you know how it really works, you can create your life with this knowledge. Joyful Manifestation shows you how.”

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