This month WE Magazine for Women has received several books worth reading!  They include:

The Followers: “Holy Hell” and the Disciples of Narcissistic Leaders: How My Years in a Notorious Cult Parallel Today’s Cultural Mania  by Radhia Gleis 

The followersThe Followers: “Holy Hell” and the Disciples of Narcissistic Leaders: How My Years in a Notorious Cult Parallel Today’s Cultural Mania, articulates the complexity of how she fell under the influence of the charismatic leader of the Buddha-field cult. The Holy Hell reference in the book’s title is a nod to the 2016 Buddha-field cult documentary, in which Gleis appears.

A nutritionist, biochemical analyst and educator, Gleis says her post-traumatic stress, forever entombed in her psyche, is repeatedly triggered by the characteristics of current political and cultural leaders, prompting her to explore her past decisions through a much broader lens that sheds light on the blind spots — and dangers — of groupthink.

The Followers lays the groundwork by skimming Gleis’ upbringing in Hollywood and tracing the steps of her life when, at age 14, she began to crave a deeper sense of spirituality. She spent the next 12 years searching for nirvana, and at age 26, she found what she thought she had been searching for. Gleis draws strong parallels between her devotion to a cult leader — an authority — whose damaging behavior and influence she willfully ignored, and the followers of other narcissistic authorities. She goes into detail about the characteristics of narcissists and explains the “feedback loop” that sustains the disciple-narcissist dynamic.

Committed – Finding Love and Loyalty Through the Seven Archetypes by Carmen Harra, Ph.D. and Alexandra Harra

"Committed - Finding Love and Loyalty Through the Seven Archetypes by Carmen Harra, Ph.D. and Alexandra Harra"What is commitment and why is it so hard to achieve? We’ve all struggled in love, but if you picked up this book, it means you’re ready to end cycles of pain and disappointment and foster a truly fulfilling relationship.

Committed will make you reevaluate the way you think about love. It is a relationship manual that unfolds in two parts: the work you’ll need to perform on the inside and the seven distinct archetypes you’ll encounter on the outside.

In the first part of Committed, you’ll learn how to

– reexamine core beliefs you hold about commitment and relinquish harmful assumptions,

– clear karmic patterns that were passed down to you and heal emotional trauma from your youth,

– liberate yourself from people and places that no longer serve you and habits that hinder your relationship potential, and

– develop an unshakable sense of self-worth so that you give love not just to another partner but to the right partner and more!

Masquerade Ball – A True Gentleman by Kathleen Washington

“I’m sorry Daniela.” Nijlon placed the invitation on her bed then opened the pretty rose-colored box as soon as it arrived by special messenger. She inhaled the scent of his cologne the minute she picked up the envelope which accompanied the gift. The corners of her mouth watered thinking about him. With one swipe her hand released the thin black ribbon which decorated the gift. Taking the lid off the box, she flung it in the air like a Frisbee.

Nijlon separated the decorative tissues, her mouth dropped open as she stared at the gift wondering what he had in mind. An hour later Nijlon dressed then headed to the cemetery for her niece, Daniela’s 31st birthday party. She wouldn’t be there long… Meanwhile Nijlon’s paramour waited for her at the Camelot Faire. Although there were several men wearing the court jester costume. The phosphorescent makeup he wore unveiled his colorless irises with double pupils. He would make her cower like she was paying homage to him.

A Body to Love by Angelina Caruso

Self-help healing through community. Grouped into lessons and warnings, this fresh take on social networks follows the author’s personal battle with a near-fatal eating disorder, the online relationships that helped her heal, and the eventual community she cultivated. Part social media guide and part body image and eating disorder workbook, you’ll learn to detect body image issues, heal as a mindful consumer, and inspire others as a content producer.

Inside this interactive book, adult and teen readers alike will find:

  • Handy charts
  • Journal prompts
  • Breathing exercises
  • Bonus recipes for mindful eating
  • And much more!


Journey Through Fire and Ice – Shattered Dreams Above the Arctic Circle by Deanne Burch

At the age of twenty-three, Deanne Burch accompanied her husband, Ernest “Tiger” Burch to the Inuit village of Kivalina, Alaska, a barrier island 23 miles above the Arctic Circle. Tiger was conducting a participant study of the natives, whereas Deanne was a city girl – ethnocentric, naïve, and completely unprepared for the journey she was about to embark on. In Kivalina, she lived on the edge of two worlds – the one she left behind and the one where she reluctantly participated in all aspects of the women’s lives. Skinning seals, cleaning and drying fish, cutting beluga and caribou to store became her way of life. Plumbing, running water and electricity were not available. Loneliness was a constant companion, although she tried to be accepted by the Inuit women who were suspicious of all white women.

Gradually Deanne adapted to living in a culture she knew nothing about. The midnight sun was followed by relentless darkness and brutal weather. With this came a journey into the unknown. First was a fateful camping trip where they nearly lost their lives, followed six days later by a fire in their house, an event that left Tiger badly burned. During the three months Tiger spent in the hospital, his only wish was to return to Kivalina and finish what he had started.Despite horrific burns on his face and hands and seared lungs from which he never recuperated, Tiger and Deanne returned to the village to complete the study. Instead of believing in fairy tales and happy endings, Deanne became a woman of strength ready to face the next challenge. Over fifty years later she remembers the young girl who left on an unknown journey. A journey that will live in her heart forever.

America Calling – A Foreign Student in a Country of Possibility by Rajika Bhandrari

Growing up in middle-class India, Rajika Bhandari has seen generations of her family look westward, where an American education means status and success. But she resists the lure of America because those who left never return—they all become flies trapped in honey in a land of opportunity. As a young woman, however, she finds herself heading to a US university to study, following her heart and a relationship.

When that relationship ends and she fails in her attempt to move back to India as a foreign-educated woman, she returns to the US and finds herself in a job where the personal is political and professional: she is immersed in the lives of international students who come to America from over 200 countries, the universities that attract them, and the tangled web of immigration that a student must navigate.

“Universal Spiritual Laws and Healing: Unbreakable God Given Laws That Created and Govern The Universe and Guide You To Create a Loving, Healthy Life and World” by Ronald L. Cole

I Choose Me: One Woman’s Journey Back to Self by Brenda M Wood

Many defining moments in life can tarnish the love, and worth an individual has within themselves. In Brenda M Wood’s newly released autobiography, “I Choose Me: One Woman’s Journey Back to Self,” she takes readers through the difficult traumas she encountered throughout her life and how she was able to come out stronger and wiser through healing. Readers will get a glimpse into how the author triumphed through these challenging times and how they made her stronger.

“I Choose Me” will help individuals who are also going through life-altering times or know someone who is. Wood’s experiences will show readers that they are not alone and that other individuals can help with the healing process. She is an example of recovery through the personal strengths that got her through these devastating events.



Messy Minimalism by Rachelle Crawford

Think minimalism means a perfectly curated, always tidy home? Think again.

Drowning in tides of toys, overflowing closets, and a crazy schedule, Rachelle Crawford assumed you had to be naturally organized to keep a tidy living space. Then she found minimalism: the messy, real-life kind, that is less about perfection and more about purpose. Thus began a journey toward decluttering her home, calendar, and soul.

With empathy, grace, and humor, Crawford–who curates the popular Abundant Life with Less site–shares doable ways to own less and live more fully. Laying out practical strategies for reducing waste, curbing consumption, decluttering, and finding lots more joy, Crawford offers no-nonsense solutions for the rest of us. Learn to become a more conscious consumer, create a capsule wardrobe, inspire family members to join you, free up more time for the things that matter, and create a tidy(ish) home. The messy minimalist way is a no-judgment zone, one in which we learn sustainable habits and grace-based practices. It’s about living lightly on the earth and making room for purpose.

The Neophytes Tale by A. R. Alexander 

"The Neophytes Tale by A. R. Alexander"The mighty eruption changed everything….Earth’s survivors now live in safety and harmony on the Great Island–or so they think. Ruled by the powerful women of the Disciple Council, the Great Island’s colonies mirror the beauty and inspiration of the Seven Wonders of the World. But the feminine, tyrannical leadership of the island is too suffocating to bear. And now, sixteen-year-old Raindalynn Noic is dreading her testing for her “chosen” career.

All females must be tested for the memory gene. Carrying the memory gene will doom Raindalynn to a life of alienation and solitude. After all, she is just now exploring her feelings for her childhood friend. But the test reveals what Raindalynn feared all along: she has the dreaded gene. As the new Neophyte, is Raindalynn different from any Memory Keeper before her?When her abilities exceed their greatest expectations, Raindalynn must rise to the challenge of saving her people from a dictator who threatens to destroy them all. With a plan to overthrow the Disciple Council, Raindalynn is their only chance at freedom. The secrets she now possesses might be the weapon needed for the Insurrection to succeed. Will the Neophyte’s Tale be the last story she’s ever permitted to tell?


She Believed She Could So She Did by Deborah Cole

Although women own 40% of businesses, generations of females never dream of leading a company.

In SHE (Believed She Could So She Did), Deborah Cole shares the stories of 35 women in Texas who, by design or circumstance, have come to create or lead companies. The success of these women from diverse ethnic and educational backgrounds all started with a dream or an idea. With the innate talents and determination to succeed, they have grown businesses of all sizes. Their collective voice says, “If I can do this, any woman can.”