What if I could teach you 1 tip that would save you 1 hour a week – every week!

Now what if I gave you FIVE of those tips?

How about 10?

Would a few extra hours a week change your business?

What would you pay to have those hours and tips –

and a course that taught you how to implement them?



How about $67?

WE has asked our favorite Simplification Strategist, Debbye Cannon,

to be a guest speaker for our WE Women on January 11th

to help us ALL kick off the new year with a new set of tools in our toolbox.

This is the PERFECT Holiday Gift between Girlfriends!

Debbye Cannon is the SMARTcut® expert, and her SMARTcut® Tips
have helped
thousands of business women and moms to change their lives
and move chaos to productivity day after day, week after week.

By creating less chaos in our lives and simplifying our TIME,
we create more ROOM.

What’s your 1st priority of 2011? Join us at 1pm EST on 1-11-11. Hah!

Give YOURSELF a holiday gift this year and take this
million-dollar life changer for $67.

(Can’t be there? WE will send you the recording and materials!)

“Creative entrepreneurs often struggle with time management. The trick is to find systems that will provide some order without becoming totally restrictive. I know, because I am one of you! I’ll be sharing the “whole enchilada” on time management on January 11
th, and I’ll be sharing bits and pieces as well as whole systems that I want the WE Women to mix and match to create YOUR own best solution.”

~ Debbye Cannon, The SMARTcut® Expert