Last week I had the pleasure of interviewing Vicky Pestrichelli, President of Inspiration University. The Mission of Inspiration U is to inspire women to be their best and to create a network of resources including people, businesses and tools to support our members’ individual goals.

They are achieving their mission in BIG ways. First of all they have created an amazing weekend for women called The Total Working Women’s Weekend.

Total Working Women’s Weekend is an opportunity for women of all ages to reinvent themselves, rejuvenate their goals and reconnect with people and businesses that can help them on their journey of success. Our weekend is designed not only to be FUN, but inspirational and educational as well. All of our participants will be able to design a weekend event that meets their needs and interests.
Over the 2 day event, participants will be able to select from approximately 50 classes spanning topics from business to health and from goal setting to inspiration. In addition to our classes, we will be offering a Job Fair as well as a variety of activities to choose from.

In this interview Vicky tells us why we should attend the Total Working Women’s Weekend ~ What’s in it for you ~ as well as some great tips on how to reinvent yourself. WE decided to share the Total Working Women’s Weekend with our readers. If you are in South Florida (Fort Lauderdale) November 6-7th, be sure to check this event for women out. Visit… for more information and to register.


Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher
WE Magazine for Women