Emaciated dogs with bite wounds and mange roamed the beaches of Isla Mujeres, fighting with each other over garbage and discarded food. Rose and Brad were enjoying a month-long honeymoon on the tropical island, aware of the stray dogs but accepting them as part of the backdrop. Until, that is, a tiny, pregnant, toothless cat intervened. Then along came a dog with a litter of 12, and before she knew it, Rose was assisting with the creation of the island’s first spay and neuter clinic.
The Dog Lady of Mexico shares the true story of Alison Sawyer Current, whose trip to the idyllic island with her husband turned into a lifelong pursuit to save as many neglected cats and dogs as humanly possible. Alison’s tireless journey, which began with her first rescue in 2001, is compellingly and accurately depicted through Rose’s character. Her valiant efforts to help stray dogs and cats eventually grew into the nonprofit Isla Animals, which offers free spays and neuters, low-to-no cost veterinary care, arranges adoptions, and runs owner education to help whittle the number of animals destined for the same bleak existence.
The problems Alison encountered were numerous. There are no veterinarians in many areas, so most of the animals are never vaccinated or treated for parasites. The average dog is thin, mangy, and tick and flea infested. Needless to say, they are not welcome inside the home so even dogs that have owners are subject to the same conditions as street dogs. Since most of the people can’t afford a car, and taxi drivers refuse to pick up passengers with dogs, they have no way to get to a veterinarian … and the cycle just goes on and on.
"dog lady of mexico the book"Readers of The Dog Lady of Mexico will experience a world very different from their own, and will see firsthand the blood, sweat, tears and, yes, even laughter, that accompany such massive rescue efforts. They get to share the journey of Rose, whose life takes an uncharted course into unknown territory, and experience the passion that changed a life forever.
Alison is a recipient of The Doris Day Animal Kindred Spirit Award, and in 2007 she was invited to Mexico City for the first Forum on Small Animal Overpopulation in Mexico. To date, Alison has spayed or neutered more than 20,000 animals and promoted adoptions in Mexico, the United States and Canada. Allison resides with her husband in Boulder, Colorado.
To learn more about Isla Animals or to find out how to support their programs, please visit the website www.islaanimals.org
The Dog Lady of Mexico
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