By Dr. Debra Greene

Women are known to be talkers and we love staying connected with our friends and family through long phone conversations. We can get annoyed when our husbands don’t call and we become insistent that our kids be available by phone to talk or text us with their whereabouts. The cell phone has entrenched itself so firmly in our lives that it’s hard to imagine functioning without it.

But what if cell phones are actually harmful? What if this new wireless technology that is taking over the planet has detrimental health effects that go way beyond distracted driving? There is growing evidence that this may very well be true. A group of scientists from around the world have banded together to form an international consortium focused on electromagnetic radiation ( Concerned that the multibillion dollar cell phone industry, and the governments they lobby, may not have our best interests in mind these independent scientists and health officials poured over more than 2000 research studies on electromagnetic radiation exposure effects. Their conclusion: The current regulations are grossly inadequate to protect public health.

Your cell phone produces two types of radiation, extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF) from the electricity it takes to power your phone, and radio-frequency radiation (RFR) from the wireless carrier signal that allows you to talk and text. This is a double whammy for your health. Cell phone use has been linked to various forms of cancer, brain tumors, leukemia, nervous system dysfunction, and changes in brain functioning. It has also been shown to compromise the immune system and damage DNA. And this is just the beginning. Very few long-term studies have been done because cell phone technology is so new.

Why chance it? Why take the risk of being a guinea pig?

You don’t have to discard your cell phone and return to the dark ages. There are some simple, cost-free things you can do to help protect yourself and your loved ones. This list was complied, in part, from a Cell Phone Advisory put out by the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute.

1) Do not allow children to use a cell phone (except in emergencies). It’s tempting to hand your phone to the children so they can say hi to Dad but this is not a good idea. Because of their developmental stages, children are much more susceptible to radiation than adults. Despite what advertisers might say, a cell phone is not a toy and should be used with caution. This includes not using the cell phone to play mobile games or gaming applications.

2) Keep the cell phone off of your body. Do not sleep with your phone or carry it in your pocket. Keep it as far away from your body as possible (e.g., in your purse). When talking, use speakerphone instead of holding the phone next to your head. The human body is a bioelectrical system. Your brain and heart are regulated by electrical signals and a cell phone within close proximity to your body interferes with fundamental bioelectrical processes.

3) Do not use a cell as your primary phone. To limit your exposure, use it like a portable answering machine. Turn it on to access messages and then turn it off again. As soon as you get to your home or office, forward your cell to an “old-fashioned” landline—one with a cord. (In terms of radiation, cordless phones are just as bad, or even worse, than cell phones.)

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