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Is There a Cure for Cancer?

"turn off the lights"“It’s like turning off a light switch”

Never Fear Cancer Again, a groundbreaking book on preventing and reversing cancer, has just been published by Health Communications, Inc. The author, Raymond Francis, M.Sc., says that despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research, the War on Cancer has been a colossal failure, with cancer rates soaring and survival rates showing no real improvement since 1950.

Francis, the author of two other alternative health best sellers, says that conventional medicine has been looking at cancer from the wrong perspective and as a result has been asking the wrong questions.

“Conventional medicine views cancer as a tumor,” Francis says, “and they ask how can it be killed or removed. But cancer isn’t something that can be cut, poisoned or burned out of the body. It is a biological process that needs to be shut down.”

Francis says removing or killing tumors does not address the cause, and therefore the cancer will most often come back because the process is still operating.

“Cure is defined in cancer treatment as ‘alive 5 years after diagnosis.’ Do you consider that a cure? I sure don’t. Cure means the cancer doesn’t return, ever!”

Harvey Diamond, coauthor of the #1 New York Times best seller Fit for Life, writes in the foreword: “While the knowledge to end this epidemic already exists, the problem is that it is not being assembled and packaged into something we can use. In this eye-opening book, that’s what Francis so eloquently succeeds in doing.”

The breakthrough idea in Never Fear Cancer Again is thinking about cancer in a new way—as a process. Once you understand this process, you can see how to turn it off, just like turning off a lamp in your living room.

“Once you learn what to do to turn off the process and keep it turned off, the cancer will not return,” Francis says. “Now that’s what I call a cure!”

We are all at risk. According to the American Cancer Society almost half of all Americans will get cancer during their lifetimes. That’s up from three percent of the population in 1900.

“A lot has changed since then,” says Francis. “Junk food diets, living in a sea of manmade toxins, exposure to a profusion of electromagnetic fields, high-stress lifestyles, lack of exercise and sleep, and health-damaging medical treatments all present the human organism with unprecedented challenges.”

Francis, an M.I.T.-trained scientist, nearly died 26 years ago from medically-induced liver failure at the height of an international consulting career. He brought himself back to health using his knowledge of biochemistry and the principles he explains in his first book, Never Be Sick Again. Since then, he has been disseminating the message that health is a choice, and he has taught thousands how to choose it.

Russell Blaylock, M.D., a retired neurosurgeon and author of Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients, says, “Never Fear Cancer Again can only be described as a masterpiece.”

Ronald Greene, M.D., a pediatrician who met Francis after being sent home to die with stage 4 kidney cancer, followed Raymond’s program, restored his health and has now returned to his practice. “Never Fear Cancer Again could save your life!” says Dr. Greene.

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  1. I’m going to order this book immediately, and also read it immediately, I’m curious about how to cure it!!

  2. This book sounds interesting. My grandmother died in colon cancer and I witness all her sufferings on this ailment. It is great news to hear that there is a cure on this life-threatening disease.

  3. Some cancers can be cured, i they are successful and early diagnosed. however all cancers are different – we cannot put together the cancer of t bowels and cancer of larynx. Therefore I think that it will take a lot of time cancer to be eradicated.

  4. I’ve lost way too many people I care about to this disease. I recently watched a documentary “Burzynski” about a doctor who has been very successful at curing brain cancer in children and how he has been terrorized by the authorities. It seems the government wants his formula so they can give it to the drug companies.
    I can’t wait to read this book, I’m always looking for alternative health ideas.

  5. I agree that cancers can not just be “cured” by removing or killing the tumor and that our lifestyles are big contributors to the soaring cancer rates. Just conventional medicine alone will not do the trick, but should be combined with alternative medicine.

    Sounds like Raymond Francis’s book will be an interesting read.

  6. There’s something that many people don’t know, research drives the need for money and if we don’t contribute, there’s no little “tidbits” tossed our way.

    I’m convinced there is a cure, but the big companies hold it back from us.

  7. Schools in London says:

    This sounds like a great book. I recently watched a documentary about the Gerson cure, which relates to toxins, the healthiness of our teeth (strangely) and how a vegan diet can cure and keep cancer at bay. I’m not going for the vegan lifestyle, but I would recommend it if anyone knows anyone suffering from cancer.

  8. @Daisy, it happened to me also and people like us know better how important this blog is to help and save life.