By Dawn Maslar MS

Many of us are familiar with books such as the Secret, which explains how the law of attraction works.  That basically you can have anything you want in life by using your desires to attract it.  Sounds simple enough!  But, for many this law of attraction can go painfully wrong, especially when it comes to love.

Some seem to attract unavailable men.  Maybe you are hopelessly attracted (against your best interested) to the bad boy type.  Maybe it seems like every man you meet is either, leaving the area, married, or gay.  You might feel like you are running out of time, too picky, or just feel like given up when comes to meeting your heart’s desires. 

You might be wondering why the law of attraction is not working in your favor.  Author Dawn Maslar, suggests that there are four main blocks to love.  That these blocks prevent the law of attraction from working for you, even suggesting that if you have one of these blocks; you can actually attract the opposite of what you truly want.  The four blocks are unresolved pain, a belief in the lack of love, negative programming, and not properly defining what you want.

When you have not grieved a past relationship or past hurt, you have unresolved pain.  So instead of attracting a happy and healthy relationship, the pain will attract more pain.  For example, if you are still feel hurt and untrusting because your last boyfriend cheated on you, you will tend to attract the same untrusting qualities in your next relationship.  Why?  Because the law of attraction works on what you believe and what is your strongest motivator.  If your strongest motivator is pain and not love, you will tend to attract more pain and not love.  Only be grieving and healing can you remove this block to love.

If you get jealous when someone finds a new love, you have a belief in the lack of love.  The belief is saying that there is only so much love to go around, and it’s running out quick.  A belief in a lack of love may cause you to act desperate, or petty because the underlying believes is that there is not enough for everyone and someone might steal your share.

The belief in a lack of love is a form of negative programming.  Other negative programs include “I am not worthy”, which can cause you to give up before you start.  Another one is “the universe does not provide,” which can cause you to take what you can get, believing you can’t really get what you want. 
The final block is not defining what you want.  This is similar to going to the grocery store hungry.  You end-up with a basket full of things that looked good at the time, but when you get home you find you are missing some of the essentials.  When you don’t take the time to carefully decide what you want, you can end-up second guessing your decision, or trying to change someone else.  Both are unpleasant situations to be in.

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About the Author ~ Dawn Maslar MS is a Professor, Author, Speaker, Life Coach and Radio Talk Show Host on a call-in Relationship Show on Holistic Lifestyles Radio on WWNN 1470 AM in Boca Raton and Blog Talk Radio.   Dawn has been working for many years helping women to heal and recover. A popular speaker, Dawn is a member of both The Florida Speaker’s Association and The National Speaker’s Association.  She currently speaks on a variety of topics including recovery, spirituality, and building self-esteem.