By Cathy Shelver

Should I Buy the IPad, Just Because the IPad is For Sale?

If you’re not a die hard Apple junkie who will buy anything that Steven Jobs put on the market you may be wondering why you should buy an iPad.

Many people saw the signs advertising the iPad for sale” and stood in long queues over night just to buy their iPad, but seeing that you are reading this article, you probably were not one of them.

You may ask, if I buy an iPad, am I not just purchasing an enlarged iPhone? To me, this would be like saying that the atom bomb is just an enlarged grenade!

Seriously, when the “iPad for sale” signs went out the amount of technology marketing and foresight that went into this amazing product did enough to, within a few months, knock Microsoft off its long-standing place at number one and wow, now that is saying something!

Without shouting “Buy iPad!”, “Buy iPad!” slogans with billboards in front of your house, the next best way I can think of to convince you that this is the technological answer, is by giving you some facts.

1.All iPhone applications will work on your iPad. If you have ever had an iPhone or an iPod touch, you will realize just how much of an advantage this is. If not, spend some time on the iTunes store and get a taste of what these apps have to offer and you will find that there is something for everyone.

2.The term, iPad for sale, is a very poignant one and the price for such a great product needs to be looked at in context as they are fantastic for what you are getting on new technology.

3.The iPad is in fact three products in one; it’s a Kindle, an iPhone and a laptop all in one, it only weighs one pound it is a slim easy-to-use device.

4.Used in conjunction with iTunes for downloaded movies, music and books you will wonder how you ever accessed your media without it.

The points above are not technical specifications as those can be found on any Apple site and this is merely just some of the main reasons why I feel you should buy an iPad.

So the next time you see the words “iPad for sale” and are wondering if you should buy an iPad, do exactly what you have just done by reading this article, research it and by all means compare what you find price wise.

I personally can’t believe I ever made it through a boring meeting, or a long queue or even an average day at the office without it.

Yes, I am biased and I do feel that my website offers the best added value for a great product, and of course I would like you to buy the iPad from me, but this article is for a product I love and believe is a great value for money addition to anyone’s life and not just for my website.

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