By Rose Marie Colucci

Closets are often misused as storage instead of respecting this area for its rightful accommodation. Items are purchased and stored, sometimes engulfed one on top of the other that soon enough, the glamor of closet space turns into a gushy war-room. There are two disadvantages in this paradigm of stowage. The first one is that well-fitting clothes are mingled with those less figure-flattering therefore, finding your good clothes is not a handy achievement. The second disadvantage is that on your next shopping spree, one may overlook purchasing the right garment for that great skirt or pants suit that is tucked somewhere in your closet and happened to forget you had it. 

Organizing your closet is just as important as organizing your kitchen, or scheduling your children’s soccer game practice, or formatting your work office. You keep these aspects synchronized because it is a necessity in order to balance the various functions of your life. 

Perhaps the drawback of organizing closet space is that doors are kept closed. What is not visible, does not emphasis priority. Yet, you render to your closet every day to pick and choose what will constitute your daily wear. 

So how do you organize your closet without a making it seem like a chord?

Closet space should be treated in the same manner as say, tailoring your next dinner invitation. You make a list of guests, of what you will serve, the time and place to summon your guests and so on.  Invest this kind of attitude in redefining your closet.

"Is it time to Organize Your Closet?"

  1. Clothes you wear most

Whether you need office attire or weekend clothes as daily wear, sort the clothes you wear most at the front of the closet. This allows an overview of the clothes that fit well and provide a sense of comfort. This should only take a few minutes as these are clothes you are accustomed to wearing.

2. Clothes you wear the least

While you are in the sorting process, put aside clothes you wear the least such as dressy clothes for certain occasions or seasonal clothes, and place them at the back of the closet.  This simple exercise is the first step in organizing your closet.

3. Clothes that need mending

Of course there are clothes that need mending such as missing buttons, broken zippers or hems undone. These can be place in another section of your closet, just like a to-do list for later. At best, these clothes will not be tangled with those other clothes you wear daily. 

4. Clothes too big or too small

While you are at it, remove clothes that are too big or too small. It is useless to keep them in your closet as you know you will not wear them. Place them in a bag and bring them to a community centre. These clothes can benefit others.

Unfortunately, most closets are too small to have shelves and drawers designed inside this area to properly display your clothes. If you have a huge closet, organizing clothes and accessories becomes a delight. However, small closets demand more creativity. That is why, sorting and highlighting the right combination of clothes is mandatory when conformed to a confined area.  You may use assorted bins to store sweaters or hats and scarves, as you may use trays to separate tee-shirts, blouses and leggings. Install a two track pole for a two-row hanging area so you don’t lose valuable space. Make use of the top shelves by investing in various baskets to store clothes, just as you would use the bottom shelves to store footwear.

"Is it time to Organize Your Closet?"

The goal of an organized closet is to have a full overview of your wardrobe to pick and choose, making this daily task a little easier. Remember, there is no right or wrong. Simply know what works for you. You may want to place all the skirts together, or the dresses in one section. Or you prefer to color coordinate such as placing all the same color sweaters in one section. It’s really up to you.

Besides bins and baskets, good hangers make a difference when holding your garments properly. Hangers hold the shoulders and collar in place and avoids less ripping, less distorting so you may keep your clothes intact. It is also recommended that clothes be buttoned or zipped so they don’t fall off the hanger.  

Keeping your closet organized is a smart way of making use not only of your closet space but of your valuable time!