By Dema Shamel 

Every woman has that one girlfriend who meets and dates quality guys and talks about them non-stop in the beginning of the courtship. In a matter of days or a few weeks she is already picking out her wedding dress and has visions of the honeymoon vacation. Then, all of sudden she stops talking about one guy and begins cutting and pasting her new interchanges of thoughts about a new guy.

At some point you ask your friend what happened to the last guy and her normal complaints are that he was a jerk or only wanted one thing because after he got it he became less available. This brings the question of why are some women in such a hurry to give in so soon.

Some women:

* Seek emotional attachment from men to feel validated

* Suffer from insecurities that comes from some psychological inadequacies

* Believe that they are supposed to be in a relationship because women have been conditioned to think this way since we were born

* Express themselves sexually because of repetition of constant sexual exposure everywhere you turn is embedded in their subconscious

Although sexuality is shoved in our faces on a regular basis it is important for women to stand strong by her own set morals. Society has a way of controlling some of us into creating a fantasy with every ideal guy we meet and this can be disastrous by leaving women feeling empty, lonely, and depressed. Rushing into intimacy can lead too:

* One night stand(s)

* Self-destructive behavior

* Bad reputation

* Denial

No one knows you better than you know yourself, so don’t be surprised if realize that the woman you are reading about may be you and not your friend. If this is or isn’t so it’s perfectly ok to be a firm believer and advocate of doing whatever you want without hurting anyone (including oneself). Also, be mindful before you call a guy a jerk because he doesn’t call you back, or answer your calls after you gave him your most precious possession too soon.

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