"Listen to Interview with the Head Writer of GoAnimate.com Drag and Drop Animated Video Platform"Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Josh Anish, Head Writer with GoAnimate.com – the online Drag and Drop Animated Video Creation Platform for Business.

Here is a little background on GoAnimate – a technology platform that allows the user to easily create “drag” and “drop” videos online – and the items things we discussed in this short WE Magazine for Women Podcast (27+ minutes – click on the icon below the text to listen)

About GoAnimate.com:

At about $4.5 million apiece, a Super Bowl commercial is reserved for mega brands that can afford the hefty price tag.  But there are other savvy ways for businesses to create buzz-worthy marketing videos. Today we are going to learn about a timely alternative.

GoAnimate enables brands to make animated videos – quickly, easily and affordably with a “drag and drop” model. It provides high-end results without having to hire an animator or video production team. Easy to use tools provide all the resources for companies and marketing teams to product great videos with just the internet!

Our guest expert, Josh Anish, the Head Writer at GoAnimate ,  provides users with expert tips about online videos. He’s led content operations for numerous successful startups, but has found his voice creating and discussing animated videos.  Here are some of the things we discussed in this interview:

  • The mission of GoAnimate, why it started and what it offers businesses
  • How a business can get started with GoAnimate.
  • The benefits of using GoAnimate
  • What type of  production experience a business needs to create animation through GoAnimate (the answer, none as there are several tutorials on the site to walk anyone at any level of expertise thru the process)
  • Why a business would choose animation over other video content.
  • Some creative ways businesses use GoAnimate.
  • Tips to help businesses make their animated content an effective marketing tool.

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As you can see, we covered a lot of ground in a short period of time.  Be sure to visit www.GoAnimate.com to take advantage of their 14 day FREE Trial offer.

Note: if you have trouble listening to the interview, click on this link to open in a new window: https://s3.amazonaws.com/WEMagazine/JoshAnishGoAnimateWEMag.mp3