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Interview with Roxanne Emmerich, Author of Thank God Its Monday

Roxanne, why did you write Thank God it’s Monday?
Because for the last 20 years I’ve been doing a one day transformational event in companies that has literally saved company after company from bankruptcy and taken companies in the top of their field to all new levels—all in one day.  I was incredulous that no one else had discovered how to do something like this and I realized that I can’t possibly get around to all the businesses to show them how to do that and so the need to share this in form of the book was absolutely imperative.

What makes this book different from others in this genre?
People try to over complicate business and it’s just not that complicated.  In fact successful businesses know that the easiest way from A to B is a straight line, and one of the hardest things to get people to do is to travel that line because they want to overcomplicate everything.  This book is a simple step by step  system for transforming a company during good times and bad and it’s imperative during times when a recession is going on to make sure that we’re capturing that 1 out of every 3 payroll dollars that’s lost due to every disengaged employee back to the bottom line of companies.  It’s no longer an option; it’s a fundamental that can’t be ignored any longer.  

What are some of the strategies and tips you share in Thank God its Monday?
In the book I cover the need for people to make agreements for how they’ll treat each other and how they’ll treat customers.  Most people act more like work is an adult daycare where they’re gossiping and whining and rolling their eyes and having all kinds of ten-year-old behavior in a place that has expectations of them to be adults.  This book is showing people how to stop those kinds of behaviors and stop doing them ourselves so we can be taken seriously  and start winning again at work.  Another key strategy in the book is how to deal with people who have a “badittude.”  A “badittude” is someone who is an energy vampire who sucks our energy through their behaviors of clearly not wanting to play. 

What are some of the obstacles people run up against on the job and how can we overcome them?
The first obstacle we run into is in our first couple weeks of employment we discover that even though we had taken the job intending to set the world on fire that we’re working with a bunch of people shooting wildly for mediocrity and it isn’t any fun.  Moreover, those same people are whining, complaining, and gossiping about their coworkers as opposed to having grown up approaches to taking good care of customers and taking good care of each other.  Those very behaviors are so exhausting for us to be around that they suck us dry of our ability to really create and make great things happen.

What’s next for Roxanne Emmerich?
It’s hard to say –it’s been a wild ride.  I never would have imagined that the book was going to make New York Times Bestseller list and hold it for so long.  So clearly, the world is needing the kind of healing that is presented in the material that I cover in the book and so as I’ve done in the past I always let the world tell me what it needs next and I kind of go there.

How can our readers get a copy of your book?
They can go to and click on any of the online retailers to purchase the book.  Then buyers can go back and enter their receipt number to receive hundreds of free gifts and a free copy of Monday Morning Audios, that many of our clients rave about how they turn around companies.  They’re all free and last only a minute or two every Monday morning.  Also readers can go to and sign up to just receive the FREE Monday morning audios and e-zine as well!

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  1. Roxanne is a terrific role model for women on the move. I’ve been blessed to be in many audiences when she has spoken and her passion and expertise are evident. She is a revolutionary in the greatest sense of the word and has made a positive mark on the business world of 8-5! Get this book and get your team to attend one of her “Kick-Butt Kick-Off” workshops. It will transform your company’s workplace culture and improve performance. AMAZING!

  2. Having worked in small companies in a professional capacity for many years, sadly, I agree that “Most people act more like work is an adult daycare where they’re gossiping and whining and rolling their eyes and having all kinds of ten-year-old behavior in a place that has expectations of them to be adults.” But, Roxanne is absolutely right that it doesn’t have to be like that. Great article, and there is much more that should be said about workplace behaviour, but the rot can only be stopped from the top down, and seldom is recognised let alone tackled. Thanks for this post.

  3. Melisa Peveto says:

    Wow! It’s nice to read the interview. I have read some writings of Roxanne Emmerich and I became a fan. May you continue to be a blessing through your writing prowess Roxanne!