PPC vs. SEO vs. Social Media by Trent Partridge


Internet Marketing changes every other quarter and if you are not on top of the game your competition silently leaps frogs ahead of you till you catch up or sometimes you never do. I have seen so many times a company dominating a market and two years later they wondered how a new company from nowhere became big. Number one most often the new company understands the competition via the Internet, technology and new Internet strategies. But more important the newer companies are not afraid to embrace all three.

Is SEO and PPC good enough for marketing online? Hell No! Social Media Marketing is in and you better be on top of it. Stop the Presses Social Media is now in Stage 3. If you do not have a Twitter account, with minimum of 3000 followers, a Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, FriendFeed, Blogger, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon or Digg account then you are in Stage 1 and ya need to catch up ASAP. 97% of the companies I work with are on Stage 4 with 40 Social websites and daily aggregation. Stages 5 and 6 are another story.

People today (97%) expect companies to be on a social website, blog or micro blog. The reality is companies need to be like the old school computer game Space Invaders. They need to invade user’s web space. Smart companies are doing this already. But shhhhh they are not letting you know.

I have been creating web space for customers for years. It’s really a simple principle almost the same mentality when you are advertising on Internet AD Networks. You know the Ad buying option termed Run of Network (RON) your ad runs on many networks with millions of eyes viewing, over running on one network. That is exactly the same principle of Stage 4 Social Media Marketing. Why just be on Facebook when there are millions on YouTube, Twitter and MySpace. Companies need to create web space all over the net not just on 5 to 6 websites. Low and high income web users expect companies to be on their web space and expect interaction.

The bottom line is the more you are involved in Social Media Marketing the more marketing, branding, online identity and Internet visibility is being created.

This is 2009 the days of people just being on Google, Yahoo and MSN are over. You better be in as many spaces as possible because if you’re not your competition will be there soon.



Trent Partridge  is an Internet Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Video Internet Marketer and certified Search
Engine Optimizer. He recently authored the book ‘Internet Marketing For Music Artist, Models and Entertainers,
The MyPropFolio Internet Marketing Workbook’ and is contributing writer for ‘Be a Real Estate Heavyweight.’
He is also an expert at Online Identity Management, Search Engine Reputation Management and Internet
Crisis Management.