"Inspire a Sense of Reward, Despite Elements out of our Control"Job stress and the economy are affecting everyone. Is it possible to complete each day with a personal sense of reward and contribution, regardless of what is happening around us? Can we still inspire this sense of reward despite things out of our control?

Yes,” says CEO Lorne Rubis. “While we have less than desirable control on our environment, we do have control of our character – how we chose to think and act, regardless of the situation. The nature and content of our character can determine whether we will be an effective leader. It is exclusively ours, we define it by how we think, what we do, and the choices we make.”

In “THE CHARACTER TRIANGLE: Build Character, Have an Impact, and Inspire Others” (November 2011), Rubis provides a playbook for defining personal success at work. Using stories from his own life, as well as anecdotes from well known leaders and entrepreneurs, Rubis provides material examples and implementation of how the values of THE CHARACTER TRIANGLE can lead to success.

THE CHARACTER TRIANGLE defines the three values that are most essential. Learning and applying these will help you have a greater impact and inspire others:

— Accountability: Accountability starts with the word “self”. When we approach every situation we experience in life by FIRST asking what we personally can do about it and how, we begin to understand the concept of self-accountability. We need to ask ourselves daily how often we feel compelled to blame ourselves or others for our condition and circumstances.


— Respect: All of our successes and failures are built upon the strength of our relationships. Relationships run on respect. To be true to the root of respect, one has to continuously look at one’s self with openness and understanding. The point is to examine the way we treat OURSELVES first and then how we treat others.


— Abundance: Abundant people do not have to take anything away from anyone else to be successful. They may be competitive but, rather than merely to beat someone, the essence of their drive is to advance something. In fact, abundant people relish other’s success and achievements. This leads to a great inclination towards teamwork.


“These values will be exclusively yours in application. I challenge you to observe how well you really understand each of these values, whether you consistently apply them, and constructively model and coach others to practice them daily. Remember-success in any area will most effectively be defined by you and your daily interactions with others,” says Rubis.


THE CHARACTER TRIANGLE is a personal game changer.


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About the Author:

Lorne Rubis is president and CEO of Ryzex, a global mobile technology solutions provider. As a general manager, facilitator and consultant, his career has focused on driving organizational change and performance improvement. Lorne has had executive leadership roles in start-ups, small, mid-size, and Fortune 500 companies, both domestic and international. As an entrepreneur, he co-founded and ran a successful consulting business. Lorne and his wife Kathleen split their time between their homes in Bellingham and Mercer Island, Washington.