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Inner Clarity Makes Your Dream Real

INTRODUCTION: Enjoy this series of Inspirational Tips and Action points by Maria Mar, the Dream Alchemist. Each tip is designed to help you crossover into your dream. We will run one tip per week for the months of September and October.

Inner Clarity is the clear vision and emotional certainty that your Dream is a real part of who you are, a part that your spirit wants to express in the world. Inner Clarity makes your Dream real to yourself. (Maria Mar)

"dream crossover - inner clarity"Food for Thought

In the movement to patriarchy and scientific progress, we lost trust in the Sacred Feminine and the power of intuition, emotions and creativity ~all gifts from your Sacred Feminine. This creates an imbalance in our lives because we are trying to use the logical mind to do the work of our genius.

The result is a disconnection between our essence or spirit and our business or career. Many of us do not know our life purpose or do jobs that are meaningless to us or go against our values. Many of us follow formulas that are “logical” but do not work for our spiritual or creative nature.

This imbalance manifests itself in depression, illness, lack of energy and other disorders. In order to truly know and value our unique gifts and purpose we need to heal this disconnection by listening to our spirit and following our intuition and creativity.

What does your spirit want to express in the world and how can you express it today, just as you are right now?

Action Points

• Take 15 minutes of quiet time today to connect to your Spirit and feel that part of you that is already your dream. What does she want to express? How can you do it today?

• It doesn’t have to be something big. It can be a simple action, like a conversation, a tweet, something your write and share with others, a new way of doing something.

• The transformation you need to leap into your dream is made of simple, tiny changes that bring you closer to your DreamSelf. Believe me; they add up to a powerful metamorphosis from Caterpillar You to Butterfly You!

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