We Magazine recently conducted an informal poll online asking the question: What Best Describes Your Business Attitude?

Women could choose up to 3 answers that best described their business attitude.Of the 111 respondents, 39% said they are Confident in business, 36% said they are Optimistic, and 34% describe themselves as Forward-thinking, Visionaries.  Here are the rest of the results:

39% Confident

36% Optimistic

34% Forward-thinking, Visionary

32% are Do-it-Yourselfers

23% said they are Innovative

17% responded Intutitive

9% chose People-persons

8% Claim Techno-Geek in Business

7% describe themselves as a Leader in Business

5% Chose Inventor

3% responded to being Risk-takers

Not one person chose Technically challenged or Follower.

Our new poll, “When do you start creating a marketing plan for the New Year? is now live.

In addition,  437 women have taken the Women Business Owners Survey to date.  We are still accepting respondents and there are lots of great incentives (enticements) for sharing your insights.  Read all about it here: http://www.staging.wemagazineforwomen.com/women-business-owners-survey-lots-of-freebies/

Visit www.WomenBusinessOwnersSurvey.com to take the survey.