'In Search Of Sustainable Life"In Search Of Sustainable Life: Our Own and That Of Our Good Earth by Bea Kunz


I believe in order to learn better ways of sustainability we must look at and accept the damage we have done to our existence.

To human life, and all other living, breathing systems that make up the total of the ecosystem.

We are all a part of the natural world and subject to the same growth and death.


We are now facing a two edged decision, on the one side we are at a point of making choices that brings us back to individuality, taking care of our own, focusing on the family and small worlds of people, our little world so to speak.


The other side requires us to look at a broader range of accountability. To expose and take actions that will reverse or at least stop the progression of some wide range damage to our earth, the Mother Earth, the earth that is home and life to many families.


We can no longer afford to be complacent. This is one of those issues that surely define us as either being part of the answers or part of the problem.


Each individual in this world can do something every day this will make an impact on the outcome.


Research, read, ask questions, speak out…get involved. You  and I must be the answers we seek to find.


Here is a few great women in the field of working to better our earth. Some are women of today, some have gone on to a greener place.  My point is find someone that inspires you to take an action that will carry the legacy of these women into the future.


Barbara Kingsolver

Jane Goodall

Mable Loomis Todd

Susan Fennimore Cooper

Emily Dickinson


Bea Kunz


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